According to some research, 81% of men said that they weren’t sure what they should wear for an event.

If you would classify yourself as one of those men, you might be looking for some help or fashion tips. 

Thankfully, we know all about men’s fashion and have the perfect guide to help you out. Keep reading to find out how to dress and be stylish!

Know How to Wear a Suit

If you want to wear a suit the right way, you have to find one that has a perfect fit. If you are just buying it off the rack, at least make sure it fits your shoulders. 

Then you can get the waist and the chest altered, which is easier and cheaper to do. If you are willing to drop a lot of money on a suit, you can have one specifically made for you.

You should find a suit that is classic rather than a timepiece. You can wear classic suits to anything. You should make sure it’s a dark color, has at least two buttons, and is single-breasted. 

Once you have the classic suit, you can then start to personalize it in different ways to show your own personality. 

Focus on Your Image

Everyone judges books by their covers, so you need to choose good fashion in order to make a good impression.

Your style has to work with what society deems as acceptable and professional, especially if you’re dressing up for a job interview. 

Find a way to wear something stylish that also portrays your personality and personal style. 

You should also dress appropriately for your age. If you dress like a teenager, everyone will treat you like one. 

Wear Jeans That Fit

Jeans are great casual pants that guys can wear, but many guys don’t know what size to buy.

Jeans can look great, but you’ll need to find the right fit. To start with, avoid having baggy jeans. Plus, it’ll be annoying trying to pull your jeans up every few seconds. 

You should also not wear any jeans that have rips, distresses, embellishments, or bleaching. These are not in fashion. 

Find jeans that are simple, clean, and dark blue. Sometimes light blue denim can work depending on what outfit you’re going for. 

You may have to try a few different styles and brands before you find a pair that fits you perfectly.

For example, if you’re athletic or have big eyes, you might want to try an athletic fit. If you’re an average build, you should try slim-fit jeans. 

If you’re not in your peak shape, you could try straight fit as well. 

Buy a Watch

A watch can actually bring together any outfit, and some people consider them a work of art.

You should choose a watch that you love, rather than looking for an expensive watch. Watches can be very personal, and it’s a way that you can personalize any outfit. 

You can find functional, athletic, or aesthetic watches, but you should do some research! Also, try the watch on before you buy it. Find one that fits your wrist. 

The watch should be comfortable and still have enough room on your wrist. Generally, a 40-millimeter watch is a standard size. 

Wear Neutral Styles and Colors

When you start buying clothes for your wardrobe, try to find clothes that can go with anything. You should find colors that are neutral and don’t stand out too much. 

Buying men’s shirt might be an exciting purchase, and it can later go with a maroon blazer. This will give you an amazing outfit option to make.

When you know that all of your items can work together, you’ll be able to easily put together an outfit and avoid having to run out to the store. 

Make sure that you don’t choose any crazy patterns either. Your wardrobe should have colors like navy, gray, brown, white, blue, and khaki. In general, these colors should always be able to go together. 

Choose Quality Items

You might now feel like you have to rush out and redo your entire wardrobe. But you should focus on choosing quality items rather than having a lot of options. 

You should have a few white and blue dress shirts that you can wear for almost any occasion. These will help you have different options.

You should also have a few different ties. Get them in a few dark colors, like blue or red that will go with anything.

Lastly, make sure that you have some jackets and pants that are neutral colors and textures. These will be able to match all of your other clothes in your closet. 

Buy Nice Shoes

Lastly, you’ll need the shoes to complete the outfit. 

If you’re wearing something casual, you could wear sneaker-like Yeezy shoes. If you’re going to be wearing a suit, you should get some loafers or dress shoes. 

You should stay away from shoes that have point or square toes. These just look impractical, and they are uncomfortable as well.

Discover More About Men’s Fashion

These are only a few things to consider when thinking about men’s fashion, but there are many more tips to consider.

We know that keeping up with the latest fashion tips can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.



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