You’re about to have a beautiful baby, and you want to document this time in your life. You also probably want some stunning photos of your growing family. We’ve got good news: it’s easy to get a maternity photo session that meets all of your expectations. The key is planning so you can make the most of your session.

Talk About Your Session Style With A Photographer

It is extremely important to talk about your session style with your photographer. When deciding on a maternity photographer, it is best to choose one like this maternity photoshoot in Perth who has experience creating the type of maternity photos you would like the kind of maternity photos that are similar in style to what you have seen in other places or online. It is also good to make sure that they understand your preferences and don’t take pictures that you don’t want. If this doesn’t sound like something that interests you, then maybe hiring a professional isn’t for you.

Get Natural Glowy Makeup Look

The first thing you want to do is prep your skin. This will help make all the products look seamless, and it will give your skin a natural glow.

  • Use a foundation that matches your current skin tone and has a dewy finish. If you are very tan, use one shade darker than your natural complexion. If you have fair skin, go for two shades lighter than your current colouration.
  • Apply concealer like this Korean makeup in Australia under the eyes to brighten them up; also apply some on blemishes and any place else where redness or darkness appears on the face (like around the nostrils). The goal is for this product to be light in colour with a luminous finish so that it blends seamlessly into the foundation application below it.
  • Next comes blush. Again, choose something light in colour with an iridescent sheen so that it seamlessly blends into everything else without looking overdone or unnatural at all.

Get Your Child a Matching Dress

One of the best ways to get your child excited about a photo shoot is to wear matching outfits. Maternity sessions are perfect for this because they require little time with the baby and the mother, so you can choose an outfit like this Reign Apparel that is comfortable and easy to change. Make sure that it is something they will be excited about wearing, but also think about what season it will be when you’ll have your session done. Think of some dresses or skirts that could work well as maternity photos.

Build The Perfect Hair Care Routine

When it comes to your hair, there are some things you need to pay attention to before your maternity photo shoot. This is because you want to look your best. The first thing you need is a good conditioner. You want one that moisturizes and treats damaged hair while also protecting it from further damage from heat styling tools or environmental factors like sun and saltwater. If you have curly hair, a frizzy hair conditioner or oil treatment can help keep frizz down during those humid days when humidity is at its peak in the summer months. Try using an oil treatment once or twice a week depending on what type of weather patterns are happening where you live.

For straight-haired girls like yours truly (yes, I have naturally straight hair), use these tips for perfect locks: choose products with a lot of moisture built into them; avoid shampoos with sulphates; apply leave-in conditioner generously throughout the day; use heat protectant spray before applying any kind of hot tool (straightener/curler); style with natural oils such as coconut oil instead of gel products since they won’t weigh down thin strands as gels do; and last but certainly not least, always go easy on blow drying because air drying gives off more volume than any other method.

Bring the right accessories

When you’re getting ready for your maternity photography session, one of the most important things to bring is accessories. Accessories are what will capture the attention of your photographer and make your session stand out from every other mama-to-be.

You want to bring some of your accessories that match what you’ll be wearing so that it all looks cohesive. This can include jewellery, scarves and belts (and lots of other things!). Be sure to bring extras too in case something gets lost or damaged during the shoot. Also, consider bringing some items that reflect who you are as a person whether that means being unique or just feeling more comfortable than usual.

Choose a Perfect Location

  • Choose a location with plenty of natural light. Natural light is best for creating beautiful, flattering portraits. It’s important to choose a spot where the sun will be at your back or behind the photographer so you can be in front of it and still have it illuminate your body and face without causing shadows or other problems.
  • Choose a location with a variety of backgrounds and colours. For example, if you’re doing portraits in nature, try to find multiple spots that have different types of trees around them the contrast between dark green pine needles and dappled sunlight makes for great shots! Also think about whether there are any interesting things nearby (such as flowers or rocks), which might make cool photo backgrounds if they’re used creatively during post-processing.
  • Avoid busy locations with lots of people around your maternity photoshoot is about celebrating new life. Also, avoid locations where cars pass by frequently; these may distract from your photos as well as cause safety concerns for both you and your baby-to-be once he arrives in this world.

Practice Your Compositions

When it comes to posing, you want to make sure that your photographer knows and understands what works best for your body shape. You can practice this with a mirror or with a friend who knows how to pose well. If you don’t have anybody available, try taking some photos of yourself and see what looks good.

If you are comfortable shooting in front of other people or even strangers, go ahead and do so! This will allow you to get used to posing in front of an audience before coming in for your maternity photoshoot session. This will help ensure that everything goes smoothly during our time together.

Be on Time

  • Be on time.
  • Make sure you’re prepared for your shoot. Don’t forget to bring any props or clothing items that may be needed for the session (if, for example, you want to wear something special for your maternity photos). This also includes having someone available to help with any children or pets if required.
  • Don’t be late! No matter how early we have to wake up and get moving in order to get out of the house by 5:30 a.m., remember that there’s no need to rush yourself into an early state of exhaustion before your session even begins; instead, be relaxed and ready when it’s time and don’t forget all those essential items mentioned above.


If you are pregnant, consider the maternity photography session to be a great way to cherish those beautiful memories of your pregnancy. Pregnancy is such a special time in your life and it is important to document it so that you can always look back at it.



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