7 Ways Exercise Makes You Happy

The past year has been difficult to find the motivation to want to put in the time and energy needed to exercise. It’s always easier to do what’s comfortable and right in front of us, like binging a new tv series or playing video games. While these activities are fun and comforting, finding time each day to devote to exercising will help you feel more confident and improve your mood in ways that sitting on the couch could never.

Media places a great emphasis on exercise and aesthetics. However, there’s a much healthier and sustainable way of enjoying exercise. Exercise is a great way to find a few minutes each day to devote to yourself. It’s a time where you can completely tune out the needs of the outside work and tune into yourself. Whether it’s going for a walk outside, running a few miles, strength training or trying a new pilates or yoga class, finding time each day to exercise your body will result in improvements in your mood as well as your overall health. The exercise you choose doesn’t really make a difference, so long as you get your body moving each day. What starts as a healthy habit, can turn into a therapeutic dose of relaxation.

When it comes to exercise, it’s a great way to overcome anxious thoughts and stress. When you’re working out and putting in the time to be present and devoted to the workout at hand, you naturally tune out the needs and desires of the outside world, which will allow you to free yourself, even if it’s temporarily, from the deadlines, pickup times, and other demands from your daily life. And, when the workout is over, you’ll end up showing up more present to the demands of everyday life. You can learn more about different activities and how they impact your mood at Mind Diagnostics.

As far as stress management, working out truly helps and it is a great break from whatever life is throwing your way. Convinced that implementing exercise into your daily routine might increase your happiness?

Here is a list of seven reasons why exercising is good for your body, in a non-conventional manner.

It’s a break!

When you have so much work to do to the point it’s too overwhelming, sometimes you need to take a step back and re-evaluate everything. When you come back from a workout, it all becomes clear.

You actually feel happy.

Exercise is known to release endorphins, which are known for creating a euphoric feeling.

Relieve stress

Exercise is one of the great stress-management tools. You get to work out your frustration into a sweat instead of a breakdown!

Catch up on some Z’s

Especially if you work out earlier in the day, you will sleep like a baby at night. It exhausts your body to a certain point that you’ll be able to enjoy your sleep that much more. Just be careful to not workout right before bed since exercise induced endorphins can lead to an increase in energy.


You’ll likely feel a great boost of energy from all of those endorphins which will likely last for several hours post-workout. Exercising gets the heart working and increases blood flow for a more energized feeling.

Enjoying food

Exercising can definitely increase your appetite and can help you enjoy food that much more. That type of hunger increases your senses and cravings, which can make food taste more delicious than usual.

Natural Prescription

Many studies suggest that exercise improves overall health and life span. Not only will you feel great, but also you live a longer, happier, healthier life.  Such a simple addition to your routine will make a great impact.