When your children look back on their childhood, they are unlikely to remember the toys you bought or the clothes they wore. What they will remember are the fun moments you shared as a family, which is why they are unlikely to forget fun movie nights together. If you want to take the tradition to the next level, read the following advice on how to make movie night with the kids extra fun.

Serve Snacks Your Kids Will Love

The snacks you serve will make your kids feel excited for a fun movie night ahead. Make your little ones’ smile even wider by buying items that are bound to impress while tickling their tastebuds. For example, you can trust they will not forget the night you provided chocolate pizzas from maplegifts.co.uk. Different options are available to suit your family’s preferences, as you can buy chocolate pizzas topped with the likes of honeycomb, fudge, marshmallows, and even jellybeans. The possibilities are endless! 

Allow Your Kids to Pick the Movie

Make your kids feel more excited for movie night by allowing them to pick the flick the family watches. Allow your kids to take turns each movie night, as it will boost their enjoyment from beginning to end. However, it is wise to ask they pick the film in advance for pre-screening, as you will want to ensure it is age-appropriate for all your kids. It will protect their innocence while avoiding disappointment once movie night arrives.

Amp Up the Coziness

Encourage your kids to relax by amping up the coziness during a family movie night. For example, treat your kids to super soft pajamas to wear for the weekly or monthly tradition. Also, your children might love to unwind on cool bean bag chairs with a blanket, and you could drape fairy lights across the living room to create a more intimate backdrop.

Dress Up as Various Movie Characters

Trigger your kids’ imaginations by dressing up as movie characters for a fun family movie night. For instance, your little one could dress up as Harry, Ron, or Hermione during a Harry Potter marathon. Also, they could become Dorothy or Tinman when watching The Wizard of Oz or a cool superhero during The Avengers.

Create a Fun Hot Chocolate Station

Soothe your kids’ minds and bodies with a warming cup of hot chocolate, which will make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If this sounds perfect, improve their enjoyment by creating a fun hot chocolate station to help your little one customize their drink. For instance, you could provide a mix of

  • Marshmallows
  • Whipped cream
  • Mini gingerbread men
  • Chocolate shavings
  • Sprinkles

Ensure family movie nights stand out in your kids’ minds by finding ways to make them more fun. By doing so, it will ensure your kids set time aside for the fun-filled activity as they grow older, even as teenagers, and they will have many wonderful family moments to look back on during adulthood. It might become a tradition they pass on to their own children in the future. 



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