It’s time to wake up from this long, frozen dream of cold days and refresh your lovely locks for the spring and summer heat. Just like the frosty temperatures of the winter can have a negative impact on your hair, so can the sunny summer vibes, which means you need to protect your mane and do everything in your beauty power to prevent unnecessary breakage, frizz, and dryness and keep growing your locks.

Of course, no two manes are the same, but there are certain tips that can help you no matter what, so here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when revamping your hair care routine!

Get a fresh cut

There’s nothing like booking an appointment with your hairdresser when it comes to keeping your hair in tip-top shape. No matter what you do for your hair, regularly getting rid of those dry, split ends is essential for maintaining healthy length and helping your hair grow longer and stronger.

Nourish your locks inside and out

You are what you eat, and this is the main factor in addition to your genetic potential that can help you keep your hair healthy and vibrant for years on end: food. Some ingredients work inside and out, such as various cold-pressed, organic oils (think: coconut, jojoba, argan, avocado), honey, fruits (banana, papaya, even orange), but these are also great when consumed in your diet, which is precisely when your hair will benefit from them the most.

Stylish accessories

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Yes, sometimes your add-ons can give you a confidence boost while you’re growing your hair and help you see how your mane will look like at a certain length. Adding volume and length with the help of seamless clip in hair extensions can be a great way to test out your look, enhance your self-esteem, and flaunt your locks. This is a simple way to add length without any fuss to see if your facial features and your overall look will benefit from longer strands.

Match your hair to your style

Not every long hairstyle works with every fashion look, right? To make sure that your look is fashionable and that your hair matches your style, you should find the right options for yourself without harming your beautiful mane. Although it’s fun to try out new dyes and styling products, it’s better to get creative with braiding, loose buns, wavy locks, and similar options that don’t cause any breakage, but can look fabulous with your wearables.

Stay away from the heat

Yes, getting that bronze tan is every girl’s dream come true, but your hair isn’t a fan of those harmful rays. To prevent sun damage and dry strands, find products that will help you preserve your natural hair vibrancy – these leave-in products are packed with various nourishing goodies to keep the sun at bay. Of course, try air-drying instead of blow-drying your hair whenever you possibly can.

Bedding, brushing, and braiding

Bedding, brushing, and braiding

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Some details often go unnoticed, but these can make all the difference in your hair care routine. For example, the wrong brush can add to the breakage instead of preventing it, while coarse bedding can contribute to the frizz. Primp your hair before bed the right way: choose satin sheets as the most hair-protective kind, opt for natural brushes such as boar bristle brushes, and gently braid your hair with a scrunchie to keep it from damaging during the night. Pro tip: add some olive oil for extra nourishment!

Massage your scalp

Oils aren’t great just for your strands when you feel that your hair is thin or dry, they are equally incredible for your scalp as a brilliant addition to your scalp maintenance, since they’ll nourish and moisturize it thoroughly. Break out the coconut oil or some castor oil to massage gently into your scalp, leave overnight, and wash out thoroughly for best effects.

So, there you go, ladies! It’s time to give your hair care a boost with these simple tips and changes, and you’ll definitely find your locks more manageable and beautiful, ready to kick off the warm season in style!



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