Cakes started from the 17th century and since then have been a part of different countries. All these cakes are baked with complete expertise by the natives of the respective country. They add different exotic ingredients and bake the cakes in new ways. These variations in the cake mainly occur due to the different ingredients which are available in each region, and tastes formed over the centuries of consuming those types of flavors. You will now find many examples of conventional cakes from different parts of the world in the following article. All of these are extravagantly delicious but different in composition. If you would be lucky, then you can surely get some of them from online cake delivery in India to the place you live in.


The baklava is a Turkish delicacy which is a variety of dried fruit sweets, honey, and layered pastry. They do have many other kinds of sweet treats and desserts. Revani is a creamy cake made with a little bit of lemon and semolina. The orange syrup is mainly used for making a finer and tasty dish into what is otherwise a much more dry cake. This dessert has a Greek and Turkish relation, because of its appearance.

Vetkoek “Fat Cake”

The so-called “fat cakes” have become very popular in the African nation. These are adopted from the first Dutch immigrants who arrived in South Africa around the 1800s. This “cake” is more like a cake-dough pastry that contains raisins and currants. The dough is shaped into small rounded balls and deep fried in oil to eventually be overlaid with syrup, sugar or honey.

Black Forest Cake

This one is one of the most delicious and famous cakes worldwide today. It came from the south-eastern region of Germany. Even though the original form of this type of cake is commonly believed to come from Switzerland, it has been perfected by Germans and made as popular as it is nowadays. Black Forest cake is made up of a layer upon layer of chocolate sponge cake separated by cherries and topped for decorative purposes with whipped cream, chocolate shards and cherries. There is also a Swedish version of this cake, but that has nothing to do with the real German recipe, because it is prepared with whipped cream and meringue. One can surely make this one their wedding or happy birthday cake, due to its amazing taste.

Galette des Rois

This cake’s English version will be “King’s Cake”. In the earlier times, it was baked after Christmas which is in the first week of January. Lately, it became so popular that many bakeries sell it throughout the month. This cake is pretty much made of layers of creamy puff pastry covered with powdered sugar that wraps around rich almond cream. When everything is packed, it is baked until the outer layer takes on a toasted look.


Mochi is a popular Japanese cake which is made from rice paste. This cake is usually served on New Year’s Eve, but it can be found all year round in different variations such as ice creams or soups. Considering that the rice paste is easily shaped and can be mixed with a wide number of flavors, there is an infinite range of Mochi cakes available.

Dundee Cake

The Dundee cake is a classic Scottish fruit cake that is loaded with raisins and currants. One can use various cherries depending on the recipe. The Dundee Cake, despite its spongy appearance, has a rather light texture and a rich flavor. Scottish whiskey is usually applied to the cake to add certain flavor and moisture.

These were some cakes which you can find around the world. You can have all these at your serving tables for online cake shops or can also find them in your vicinity.

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