It is not so easy to get a bright smile. But your teeth can apparently look white if you will choose lipstick’s right shade. For brightening the mood and lightening up the room a warm smile can play a major role. Now you need not use:

  • The strips that consume so much time
  • The laser treatment that is so expensive

A lipstick’s smart shade can help in giving a white appearance to your teeth very quickly. For your teeth getting the same tones is possible if you will choose yellow- and orange-colored lipsticks. Spotting the colors will be very easy for you. Just go to the light and see the lipstick. All the colors will be easily visible to you. When choosing the color of the lipstick, remember one thing that it needs to be complementing the skin tone. For fair skin tones mix coral with red. If you have olive complexions then cranberries and deeper pinks are good. For the skin-tones that are of medium type, true reds can serve the purpose. Burgundy shades are good for darker complexions.

How and when will you use these? At first take a whitening toothpaste and brush the teeth. Then apply the right color.

Now I am going to tell you which lipstick colors will make your teeth look whiter and beautiful.

1. Racy red shade

For giving instant gleam to the teeth, don’t use orangey-red tones but use blue-based tones. In order to pick the shades, you need to take the help of a color wheel. On the color wheel, you will find the two colors across each other and these are yellow and blue. So, if you will use yellow or orange color with blue then they will cancel out each other. For diminishing your teeth’ yellow tones, using blue lipstick will be a good idea.

Racy red shade lipstick color

2. Ravishing raspberry shade

For your yellow teeth, the easiest shades of lipstick are the darker pinks. The reason behind this is that the blue color matches to a great extent with the pink’s darker shades. So, in giving a whiter look to your teeth this shade is vital. Instead of using a matte finish, use raspberry tint. Then apply some gloss on the lips so as to give an extra touch.

Ravishing raspberry shade lipstick color
Image – Click Here

3. Bright pink shade

In order to give a whiter appearance to your smile you can combine a high-shine formula with fuchsia pink. If you have olive skin tones then use pinks that are bold and bright. These will give a natural warmth to your smile with the help of complementary contrast.

Bright pink shade lipstick color
Image By – allure

4. Turquoise flash shade

Turquoise gives the same whiter appearance to your teeth just like the blue bases. Basically, nude shades of turquoise are available. For lighting up the complexion, use moisturizing lipsticks with these nude shades. These will give a whiter appearance to your teeth. For all skin tones using turquoise with nude will be a good idea.

Turquoise flash shade lipstick color
Image – makeupandbeauty

5. Purple passion shade

If you have darker skin tones then you can use dark purple color. This will help you in getting an elegant look. For brightening the smile, it will help a lot.

Purple passion shade lipstick color
Image By – lakmeindia

6. Light pink shade

As the red color helps in giving you a whiter smile, lighter pinks can’t do the same to that extent. The reason is that you cannot find the dark contrast in lighter pinks. Using softer pinks can help to some extent. But it is necessary that it has a berry-hue version. Only then it will give a whiter appearance to your teeth.

Image By – Pinterest

7. Pleasantly plum shade

Plum is also a color of the family of darker pink. For whitening your teeth instantly you can use plum-colored lipstick. By combining purple and pink we will get the color of berries. We can say that very strong tones are the blue tones.

Pleasantly plum shade lipstick color
Image By – Pinterest

8. Rich berry shade

The rich berry color will suit you if dark lipsticks are your choice. For brightening your smile, use deep red or purple tones.

Rich berry shade lipstick color
Image By – aromibeauty

9. Naturally nude shade

For thinner lips using a nude shade will be a good idea. A little shiny shade of nude will work the best. If your lips become dry because of lighter shades then use lipsticks with moisturizer.



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