“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”: How Can Natural Products Improve Your Health

As asserted by Unite for Sight, 38% of Americans use Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). CAM can be defined as practices and products which promise to improve your general health and wellbeing, but they do not form part of typical medical practice.

Some of these practices may include meditation, massage therapy and, yoga. The only type of products that form part of CAM is natural products. Here are examples of natural products which you can use as CAM and illustrations as to how they can improve your health;

Omega 3s

Omega 3s

Omega 3s can be retrieved from fish, nuts, seeds and, certain types of vegetables. These fatty acids can also be found in some dietary supplements.

Omega 3s can improve your health in several ways. For instance, they can prevent the thickening of your arterial walls. They can also assist in reducing your blood pressure levels. Moreover, you will lower the risk of having a heart attack if you consistently consume foods and dietary supplements rich in omega 3s.

In fact, high blood pressure patients who take 3 to 4 grams of omega 3s each day had higher chances of lowering their blood pressure. Therefore, you should add omega 3s to your daily diet.

Natural Body Butter

The natural body butter also forms part of CAM. This is because it contains specific ingredients such as cocoa, coconut oil, almond and, other types of oils such as lavender and, olive. These ingredients can revamp your health.

When you use body butter which is made up of artificial products, you will automatically lose out on the benefits of natural body butter. Apart from just moisturizing your skin, natural body butter can better your general health in various ways.

For instance; natural body butter can help to reduce the manifestation of physical signs of aging on your skin. It can also assist in curing inflamed skin. Therefore, you should always use natural body butter as your regular moisturizer.


Echinacea is a flower, commonly found in the Midwestern side of Northern America. Though Echinacea looks just like a typical flower, it has many health benefits.

For instance; Echinacea can be used to prevent or, treat colds. Moreover, it can also shorten the duration of cold infection. Furthermore, if you take Echinacea regularly; you will reduce the risk of being infected with upper respiratory diseases.

Echinacea can also be used to boost your immune system. With Echinacea, your immune system will become stronger. This way, your body system will be able to fight off any pathogens that come its way effectively.


In layman’s language, probiotics can be referred to as ‘good bacteria.’ Probiotics are certain types of bacteria that can co-exist with our body system and help it to discharge its functions effectively.

As illustrated by Everyday Health, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli are great examples of probiotics. These probiotics can be obtained from certain types of foods such as yogurt, cheese and, ghee. They can also be derived from some dietary supplements.

Probiotics, just like the Echinacea flower, can prevent you from catching a cold. They can also reduce the risk of cancer infections; particularly colorectal cancer. In fact, American medical doctors have found out that colorectal cancer patients who regularly take probiotics have a great probability of recovering.

Also, probiotics can help to strengthen your immune system generally. Therefore, you should incorporate foods and dietary supplements rich in probiotics into your normal diet.

Green Tea

Green Tea

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Green tea is an extract that is derived from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. It may be prepared and served as a beverage. Green tea is typically known for its high content of caffeine.

Green tea has a lot of health benefits. For instance; it can make you more mentally alert. So, if you are considering working overnight, you should take at least two cups of green tea beforehand.

Moreover, green tea can assist you in reducing weight if you happen to be overweight or, obese. Also, it can reduce the risk of you having a cancer infection.

In particular, green tea helps to prevent cancer of the esophagus, bladder, ovary, and, pancreas. In one study, it was found out that women who take two cups of green tea daily had a lower risk of contracting ovarian cancer by 46%.


CAM is a new health movement in America, which is growing in popularity each passing day. CAM has many health benefits, and you would probably lose out on these benefits if you don’t indulge in CAM. Using natural products is a significant dimension of CAM.

Most of these natural products are readily available and, affordable. Therefore, you should use these products regularly. By using natural products, you will improve your health. You will also lower your chances of contracting certain life-threatening diseases such as cancer and, high blood pressure.

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