Before you whip out your autumn coats, give ‘hot plans summer’ one final go, fashion-wise. Summer 2022 fashion trends such as miniskirts and platform shoes, as well as mood-boosting designs such as fringe, will guarantee that you are prepared for a dopamine clothing invasion.

As the temperature rises, it becomes necessary to replace any remaining cold-weather essentials with shorts, tank tops, and airy dresses. But you and I both know that summer ensembles do not consist only of timeless staples. So, what else should we wear this season to combat the heat? What are the top fashion trends for the summer of 2022, and which ones align with our specific tastes?

There is nothing better than a genuinely carefree summer wardrobe, and SS22 is a whole lot more carefree, nostalgic, and joyful than many have seen in a long time.

There are several timeless classics that are hero items for this season, and it’s likely that you already have some of them in your closet. In any case, the summer fashion trends of 2022 will provide you with an opportunity to learn something fresh and intriguing.

Skirt Pleats

While a few smaller versions of the pleated skirt were seen on the runways this season—a nod to the influencers’ current summer favourite, the tennis skirt—the midi version is where it’s at for SS22. Aside from that, there are no other restrictions. As long as it has pleats, you’re right on the money with arnhem, whether it’s printed, plain, colourful, monochromatic, coupled with knitwear, or paired with a bralette. This timeless fashion has us ecstatic.

A Suit With A White Dress

The suit is making a significant return this season, despite the fact that many people have been working from home in their pyjamas for the last several months. You should feel a lot better about having to go back to your daily commute if you wear these ensembles, which are all white and include attention-grabbing features like waist ties, contrast black hardware, and big shoulders. If you are looking for anything to wear to your wedding that isn’t a dress but yet wants to seem elegant, you could think about getting a trouser suit.

Vibrant Flats

Ballet flats were formerly a simple mainstay of off-duty models and prep school sweethearts; however, they are now available in a broad variety of materials and styles that can be utilised to spruce up even the most basic of ensembles. The form works particularly well in settings with a more serious tone, but it may be given a more carefree and youthful vibe by using bold colour combinations and pattern combinations.

Raffia Jewellery

Even if there are certain trends that will never go out of style, summer is the ideal season to get out your raffia belt or pocketbook. Due to the fact that more and more budget-friendly businesses are getting on board with the raffia and straw trend, it is now much simpler to get the slides, purses, and hats that are popular among designers for their spring, summer, and cruise collections.


This summer’s sartorial landscape is looking hot, as predicted by spring/summer 22 fashion week.  It makes even more sense to do one’s shopping in Arnhem at this point.

Whether you’re taking your first vacation in what feels like forever or sitting out in your garden for the third year in a row, this summer’s sartorial landscape has a lot of potential.

Marie Miguel

Marie Miguel

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