The selection amongst lace-up or slip-on is generally based on the feet type, style, or looks an individual opts for and, most significantly: the event. For instance, in some outdoor pursuits that require hiking or safety boots, it is significant to wear lace-up shoes because it gives adherence and improved safety. 

But if your requirement is for an indoor workshop, then slip-on boots are the best to choose from as they are breathable and comfortable.

Furthermore, when it is about dressing up for various occasions, generally lace-ups are chosen for professional surroundings. Say, Oxford shoes are regarded as a perfect pair for a job interview, and slip-on are called lazy by some people in the professional or corporate environment.

Lace–up Shoes

Lace-ups are mainly found in sport’s shoes, boots, and formal shoes, but they can be outlined as leisure wear too. These shoes offer joint (specific ankle) support as well as stability. Thus, it is good to wear lace-ups if you have foot problems. Additionally, lace-ups are regarded as long-lasting, and the shoe size can be significantly fixed with the lace.

In addition, slip-on is normally ankle length, but lace-ups’ height differs because they can be simply tightened. On a medical note, podiatric physicians recommend lace-ups over slip-on. 

Slip-on Shoes

Slip-on shoes are extremely breathable in comparison to different shoes. Likewise, they are also more comfortable because it is simple to wear and remove and don’t need to keep hooking up the shoelaces. In most conditions, slip-on are classy, particularly a few slip-on loafers that offer you a classy and elegant look. 

Tips to Choose Between Lace-up and Slip-on Shoes

When going out for a day you wish to ensure your footwear is suitable for the purpose. An imperative decision to make when selecting a pair of safety boots is even if to choose slip-on or lace-up boots. To assist you to make your decision, here are the main things to think about when deciding on a slip-on or lace-up. 

Style and Fit

Slip-on boots will fit adequately if you look out for the proper size. Try a pair before buying to make sure you get the correct right. Keep in mind that they will ease over time, specifically in the initial few weeks of wear, so be cautious of going very large at first. 

Lace-up boots are the more resourceful choice when we talk about fit. Having laces lets the wearer adapt whenever required, and this can be helpful in the long-term since the leather eases up, or it even only in the course of a day as your feet warm up and require some more breathing space. Choose lace-up if you require some flexibility with the fitting. 


When it is about comfort, slip-on is an absolute winner. Being capable of simply sliding into your boots is a huge bonus. This can be particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs who need to go from outer work areas to inner living areas, leaving no cluttered bootprints behind. A few minutes saved not having to tie laces every time can add up to hours on a very lengthy project. 

Whereas standard lace-up boots cannot quite approach the norms fixed by slip-ons for comfort, there are now lace-up boots that involve a zip on the side. This can mix the best of both worlds by offering you the fit of a lace-up with the same simplicity as slip-ons. 


Both kinds of boots come in assortments that include the safety attributes you need. The safety feature that a slip-on would normally have on lace-up would be better waterproof. Being created of one piece signifies there are restricted weak places for the liquid to get into the boot. 

With lace-ups, the laces are linked to overlapping parts of leather or different materials that signify there are voids for water to prospectively enter the boot, which is something to remember based on your particular profession. 


Slip-on boots involve an adjustable upper part, required to be readily slipped on and off; all the same, it is left on the feeble side when it is about aiding the ankle. When spending hours regularly in these boots, you wish to ensure the well-being of your legs is not put in jeopardy. 

Since lace-ups are harder, they do better to support the ankle in the long term, and diverse lacing preparations can build up or reduce that impact. If harm or longevity is a problem, then choosing lace-up boots might be the way to move forward. 


So, what to select amongst lace-up shoes or slip-on? The answer depends on you. Merely they both have their individual benefits. So, it is based on you which one you should prefer. Also, if you need more details on these shoes, then NovoShoes NZ can help you.

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