Bollywood divas are essential for the fashion freak people in the current generation to adopt new trends, whether western or ethnic outfits. Their versatile fashion sense of them becomes new trends for people. The current dress up of box pleated kurti with the elegant golden pattern of Actress Alia Bhatt was such an eye-captured look. Haven’t we all wanted to look more graceful by putting such magic on?

For casual and formal occasions, a kurti is a versatile garment. Not only that, this is a famous beautiful Indian outfit among women of all ages. 

Now coming to the “fit”- ness test, it is essential to choose the right size to ensure a comfortable fit. We consider our overall appearance, flaunting style, and comfort during the purchase. In short, to maintain comfort, a flattering look, confidence, versatility, and functionality, proper fit in a kurti is crucial. Looking towards this factor, we are here to with some essential and helpful bullet points for your “fit”- ness of Kurti to flaunt your confidence with a graceful style.

Suppose you need to be made aware of what to check upon; it could be tricky for you to purchase any outfit when the question is about a type of kurti to choose or fit in; the guidelines for beginners to choose women’s kurtis.

While purchasing a kurti, having a fuzzy number of sizes disappoints you. Therefore, here is a guide to help you measure and select the correct kurti size with a kurti size chart.

Exploer The Kurti Size Chart

Question 1. How to figure out the size of a kurti?

How to figure out the size of a kurti?

The first and foremost requirement is to know your body size. This can be done with the help of any professional tailor, or you can be done by yourself. Measure around the fullest part of your bust, waist, hip, and shoulder. As this is the main task to know the measurement of the magic numbers, the job is almost done.

Now pick your favorite fabric to stitch as you know the size number of yourself, and stitch accordingly. On the other hand, when buying online, you need to see the kurti size chart correctly. All the products put their size chart there with the product description for the benefit of customers. All the kurti size charts of the kurtis vary from store to store or brand to brand. Therefore, you need to focus on the kurti size chart before ordering the kurti to pick right now.

The nature of the body fixes the shoulder to hip sizes. On the other hand, the length of the slit and full length varies with your style of kurti. Along with the other measurement, the bottom width could be essential to fix the quota of bottom flares.

Question 2. How to consider a Kurti size chart?

While searching for your kurti, the Kurti size chart is always available there with the product description. As you noted the magic measurement numbers of the body size, you can now match those numbers with the kurti size chart available there. But nothing ends here; sometimes, there is confusion as there is no universal standard for kurti size charts.

Various measurements are available, and your tailor may not measure all. But all the essential factors that need to give preference are the measurement of the bust, hip, waist, and shoulder. These size measurements are the deciding factors in choosing the perfect fitted kurti.

40″- 42″ inches is the usual kurti length, but the regular kurti length is 42″ – 44″. Over this, if anyone wants to have an extended length or is a fond lover of long kurti length, it could be 44″ – 46″ inches long.

Question 3. How do I choose an online size for my Kurti?

How do I choose an online size for my Kurti?

Now talking about online shopping, here are some tips. This is the most needed information nowadays. The craziest shopping websites for the current generation are Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. These popular websites have their standard kurti size charts for outfits that they provide, along with product details and image references. Then also, people have to look for specific branded kurti size charts.


For example, the popular e-fashion platform and shopping site, Myntra provide a kurti size chart with some tips on measuring your size to help the customer determine their perfect size. In general, we consider the inches and centimetres to measure the size. But Myntra has a different user-friendly measurement chart for the 7thread brand. In this chart, there is a difference of 2 inches in each measurement that needs to be focused on.

Talking about Flipkart & Amazon both have a similar kind of kurti size chart. Most of the kurtis here maintain similar chart standards to keep a clear picture to the customers.  

On the same websites, various brands showcase their products. While purchasing those, you must go through their kurti size chart to choose the proper measurement.

There is no specific standard for kurti or universal size charts, so people must focus on the kurti size before picking any product. The main bullet point is that customers must first know their body size measurements and then look for the kurti size chart to buy accordingly.

There is a range between minimum to maximum values of measurement chart depending on the store or brand’s method to bring the variation. 

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Some extra gift tips for choosing the proper size:

  • After all the discussion and collecting the main points, here are the gift tips-
  • The main deciding factor is the measurement of the bust, waist, hip, and shoulder;
  • The measurements are usually inches, but some sites keep the values in CMs. So, keep the focus there also;
  • The central measuring part of the waist is the slimmest part of the waist above the navel;
  • Measurement needs to do at the fullest part of the bust and should tip from the back;
  • Before buying, focus on the kurti size chart measurements under various labels such as XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, etc.
  • Rather than having a fuzzy size idea, always be ready with an accurate size list of yourself;
  • Knowing the best fitting before purchasing your kurti is an art as online shopping becomes an unconditional valuable part of our life.

So, with all these beneficial tips, ‘flatter your body shape, and make your outfit versatile and more functional. No more time waste thinking of which is the perfect size or exchanging with which size. Own the kurti that boosts your confidence level and reveals the actual you.



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