Kota Doria fabric has square-checked weave patterns that are made from cotton, silk, and zari in a wide range of colors. This airy and lightweight open weave fabric is ideal for making sarees to wear during the summer season. The square patterns on this fabric are called Khats and they look like small blocks.

Kota sarees were originally made in Mysore and later introduced to Kota district, South East Rajasthan in the early 18th C. Kota fabric is usually used to weave sarees, however, it’s being used to produce beautiful kurtas, Mukesh, mirror work, handbags, pouches, and gotta Patti embellished sashes. 

This translucent fabric can be embellished with small floral patterns (bhuti) and decorative borders. Techniques like hand block printing, appliqué work, and batik tie n dye are used to weave this unique fabric using the traditional throw shuttle pit loom. Women mostly weave the Kota Doria fabric but it takes the effort of the entire family. The Kota saree yarns are strengthened by smearing onion juice and rice paste.

Kota sarees are versatile and come in a wide range of designs and colors that you can choose from at style cart. They are a favorite to women of all ages especially those who prefer to wear sarees to the office. Kota sarees are very easy to maintain and drape.

Here are some of the best Kota saree designs that you can add to your saree wardrobe collection.

1. Net Kota saree

Net Kota saree

This net Kota saree has a stunning green color that will transform your entire look. It has a beautifully embroidered white border pattern all around the saree. This stunning saree looks extremely elegant and feminine and when you pair it with a beautiful white blouse you will definitely steal many hearts.

2. Tie n dye Kota silk saree

This lovely tie n dye Kota silk saree is a combination of blue and sea green colors that bring out a beautiful contrast. This saree is lightweight which makes it very easy to drape this tie n dye saree. It has a unique zari border that makes it perfect to wear to traditional functions.

3. White Kota saree

White Kota saree

This is a simple but pretty white Kota saree that you can wear to festive events and still look angelic. This half and half Kota saree variety made with white and blue Kota material are loved and very popular.

4. Multicolored cotton Kota saree

If you are looking for a Kota saree that has a variety of colors then this would be a perfect choice. This saree has intricate beautiful patterns that can be found on the border that give it a unique look. Wear this saree to a party and steal many curious glances.

5. Latest design Kota saree

This gorgeous saree has small floral patterns done on the pink background with the pattern section having a different design which makes an attractive contrast to the saree. Wear this stunning saree to a wedding function and be the most stylish person in an elegant pink saree.

6. Pale yellow Kota designer saree

This is an amazing Kota saree that has cool paintings done on it. The best part about this saree is that it has been made by hand. This is an alluring and unique saree that is a must-have. This saree has a beautiful pattern done on the border which has a golden lacelike design which is one of the best features on this Kota saree.

7. Summer special Kota saree

This saree has an impressive look that you will love. This saree sports a red and brown color shade. Its border has a beautiful pattern done on it with the brown color on the borders and edges giving it an alluring beauty. The eye-catching small dotted patterns on this Kota saree will make you feel like a pretty every time you wear it.

8. Black Kota silk saree

This is an exquisite Kota saree that will get you excited. The silk material on this saree combined with the neutral color makes it easy to pair this saree with almost any blouse of your choice. It’s very easy to match this saree with anything and you will still look fabulous.

9. Gray and golden Kota saree

This is among the best trending gray Kota saree there is today. When paired with a designer blouse this simple Kota saree will be transformed to give you a beautiful look. If you are going for an alluring look then this beautiful saree would be the best option.

10. Heavy printed Kota saree

This is among the best sarees that you can wear almost anywhere. This saree sports a green and pink pattern design done on a match well with the off-white pattern on this saree. Match it with a colorful blouse to complete the look.

11. Artistic yellow Kota saree

This saree has very attractive designs that are the prime focus. This saree has a subtle orange color with a maroon embellished border that will make you look like sunshine.

12. Sky blue Kota saree

Sky blue Kota saree

This exquisite Kota saree sports an alluring sky blue color. It has musical instruments printed all over the saree that will make you want to dance. It also has a unique printed border and a pallu to give you an awesome look. This saree is sure to make you the center of attraction, in any event, you adorn this saree.

13. Rajasthan Kota saree

This Rajasthan Kota saree is an authentic Kota that sports a combination of red and yellow colors which makes it perfect for any auspicious occasion. The Leheriya tie n dye pattern done on this saree gives it a beautiful effect. This is the perfect wedding ensemble for any new bride to wear on her special day.

14. Zari Kota saree

This grandeur version of the Kota saree sports orange and pink colors with a golden strip woven all over the saree in the form of checks and small but inside the checks. This is a perfect saree to wear to a wedding and other important events.


Kota sarees have unique and beautiful embroidery and border designs which make them easy to fall in love with.



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