Have you ever experienced trying out every trending skin care product only to find out that it does not work for your skin? Your skin type may be the reason why. Determining your skin type is the most crucial step women tend to forget before buying a product. You have to understand that every skin type is different, and providing your skin the proper nourishment it needs is the best way to achieve your skin goals. 

Knowing your skin type is not as complicated as you might think. There are easy ways to determine your skin type without using fancy tools, and we are here to provide you with these quick and foolproof ways to know your skin type. But, you also need to know the different skin types and what causes them to understand why you have that particular skin type.

Here are some ways to determine your skin type at your home, followed by a quick explanation of each skin type, along with its causes and symptoms.

Wash Test

After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, pat your face dry, and don’t put any skincare product. Wait for at least 30 minutes and observe if your skin looks shiny, dry, or normal. You may also notice your skin to be oily or dry in some areas like your T-zone but normal in other parts. This skin type is called the combination skin type, and it is also a common skin type for men and women

Day Test

You might want to do this method on your day off when you have the whole day to yourself. Once you wake up, wash your face with a gentle face cleanser and pat your face dry. All you need to do is observe your skin until the day ends. You will notice if your skin is flaky, oily, or a combination of both. If you feel sensitivity and redness, you might have sensitive skin.

Oil-control or Blotting Sheet Test

This method is the easiest way to help you determine your skin type. You can find this in your local beauty store, or if you’re into Korean skincare, most global K-beauty brands like Nature Republic offer quality blotting papers at an affordable price. You only need to press the blotting sheet on different parts of your face. If you notice minimal oil, your face is likely normal, but little to no oil suggests dry skin type.

Skin Types

  1. Dry 

Dry skin type is common in winter, but some people may still have this due to their lifestyles. If you notice your skin flaky or scaly with a tight feeling, your skin is likely to be dry. Depending on the severity, you may also feel sensitivity, redness, and skin cracks. Aside from the weather, using harsh products and bathing with hot water can cause your skin to dry out. 

You can try Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% if your skin needs constant moisture and hydration. You can use it on any part of your body that feels dry and as a soothing gel for burns and irritatio

2. Oily 

Oily skin type is common in people who live in hot and humid places, but many factors can be considered as to why you have this skin type. Genetics, lifestyle, and skincare routines are some of it, but it is not difficult to resolve. Your skin can produce as much oil as it needs when it feels dry, so it is crucial to provide your skin enough moisture to prevent this from happening.

3. Combination

You can have a combination of dry and oily, dry and sensitive, oily and sensitive, and normal and dry. This skin type happens when your skin has a particular condition in some areas and a different condition in others. Providing care for this skin type is not complicated as it looks. You will only give different nourishment to certain parts of your skin.

4. Sensitive 

The term sensitive can vary from one situation to another. You may suspect your skin to be a sensitive type if you notice unusual redness, discomfort, and pain. With this skin type, you are likely using a product that contains irritants. However, it can easily be controlled as most beauty companies, like Nature Republic, are formulating products especially for various skin types. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing your skin type can help maximize your beauty routine, but once you feel or see anything unusual that bothers or hurts you, do not think twice about visiting your dermatologist. Sometimes, there are underlying conditions that can make the skin dry, oily, and sensitive. 



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