When it comes to the selection of wedding rings, diamond rings are sure to be the top choice among people due to their dazzling look, durability, symbolization, and more. However, with the momentum of moissanite growing in the jewelry industry, there is an increasing number of people favoring this environmentally friendly dainty stone, especially the younger generation who want to save money during the exhaustive and high-priced preparation. Here comes the question: Is a moissanite wedding ring worth buying? Here we will have a depth discussion on this topic. 

What is a wedding ring?

Wearing wedding rings has been a holy behavior since ancient times and this tradition is kept alive in the modern time to show their eternal love. Traditionally, this ring is a plain metal that is presented in the marriage ceremony and it is also known as a wedding band.

Wedding rings usually feature a simple design because traditionally they do not emphasize too much aesthetics and focus on sturdy construction to express a strong and enduring love. But now with the adoption of a variety of gemstones and metals, they are available in different colors and styles. For example, some of them will be dotted with small gemstones such as moissanite, diamonds, or other gemstones. However, they still look simpler than engagement rings. That is the reason why they are more suitable for everyday wear than engagement rings. 

Why Choose a moissanite wedding ring? 

Despite many online disputes about moissanite wedding rings, there are some significant reasons that make it a worthy option for you. Let me reveal them to you in the following. 

1. Moissanite wedding ring: a more affordable environmental-friendly option

Moissanite has a similar appearance to a diamond and even emits more fire and brilliance than a diamond. Natural moissanite is so rare that it can not meet market demand. Currently, the moissanite you can find on the market is lab-created. Because of its synthesis, moissanite rings are usually cheaper than diamond rings, which makes them an affordable option for you. This affordable lab-grown stone allows you to get a wedding ring with a dainty touch with a small budget, which keeps you away from another huge expense after investing a great sum of money in a diamond engagement ring or a moissanite engagement ring. Plus, instead of mining, all the moissanite available now is lab-created, which will not result in environmental pollution caused by the mining process, making it the environmental-friendly choice for you. 

2. Moissanite wedding ring: a romantic promise 

Moissanite is a natural mineral that was discovered in a meteor crater located in Canyon Diablo by Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893. So moissanite is given a beautiful name: the gemstone from stars, romantically meaning that love you across light years. If wedding rings express a strong and enduring love, then moissanite wedding rings are a symbol of love despite all odds, which gives an extra romantic meaning to your love. 

3. Moissanite wedding ring: a beautiful choice 

Moissanite ring is as beautiful as an option for wedding rings for your loved one. Moissanite stones resemble diamonds a lot and they even emit better fire and brilliance than diamonds. Although wedding rings usually go without large gemstones or center stones, some of them will be dotted with small stones around the band. For example, wedding rings or wedding bands embellished with a trail of small moissanite will look more pretty, adding a low-key luxury touch to them. Who can reject such a stunning moissanite wedding ring or moissanite eternity band

4. Moissanite wedding ring: durable for daily wear  

Traditionally, the couple will wear their wedding rings every day because the sturdy construction of wedding rings makes them more suitable for daily wear. Moissanite stones rank 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which means they are hard enough to resist scratching, chipping, and breaking. Therefore, moissanite wedding rings are the optimal option for wedding bands or everyday jewelry. 

Tips for choosing a moissanite wedding ring

Getting a perfect moissanite wedding ring not only complement your engagement ring but also add a delicate touch to you both in your marriage ceremony and daily wear. So why don’t try to get an ideal one? Here we will share some tips about choosing a moissanite wedding for you. 

1. Consider your lifestyle

Wedding rings will be used for daily wear so it is better to get one that suits your lifestyle in order to keep its lifetime. For example, if you are an OL, congratulate that there are more choices for you. No matter a pave moissanite ring or a prong-set moissanite wedding band, these ring styles perfectly fit you. However, if you are active, and often work through your hands but still want a moissanite wedding ring, you can get a channel set wedding ring dotted with a small stone as a channel setting can give more support to the stone. 

2. Consider the overall aesthetic 

If you’re looking for an affordable and beautiful wedding ring to complement your engagement ring, moissanite rings may be a perfect choice. They come in a variety of styles and can be coordinated to match your engagement ring perfectly. For example, you could get a v-shaped moissanite ring to match your solitaire engagement ring. You can also create some contrast between the two rings by adding different elements for an unexpected effect.

3. Consider the cutting style of your moissanite wedding rings 

Different cutting styles produce different effects in moissanite wedding rings. Most are embellished with round, brilliant-cut moissanite stones, which are easy to coordinate with most ring designs. Plus, this style provides more dazzle to a wedding ring. If you want a ring with less sparkle, look for one with an emerald cut.

4. Choose according to your budget

Although moissanite wedding rings are well-recognized as affordable choices, there is still a necessity for you to take your budget into account when choosing a moissanite ring because some personal settings, like the selection of metal, will also cost a lot. 


Moissanite wedding rings are not only affordable environmental-friendly options but they also look beautiful and also feature an extra romantic meaning. With its tough look, it can well coordinate your lifestyle. Therefore, it will be the optimal choice for you. Lastly, dare to be different and try to get the perfect one for you. 



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