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Looking for inspiration to transform your garden? We’ve covered you with expert advice and styling tips on various aspects like garden furniture, paving, lights, plants, borders, decking, and more. We aim to help you create a delightful outdoor space you’ll enjoy.

Whether you have a small, long, narrow, cottage, or courtyard garden, it’s important to assess the lighting and sun exposure at different times of the day. Consider the accessibility of your garden and how you envision using it. Whether for planting vegetables, sunbathing, outdoor dining, or simply relaxing with a cup of tea on a sunny morning, understanding your needs will guide your design choices.

Get your lawn into shape

If your lawn looks dull and uninspiring, there are three key factors to consider: sunlight, water, soil aeration and hedge trimming in Bradford. Trim back branches to prevent excessive shading. Make sure to water your lawn once a week in the morning. Grab a fork and poke plenty of holes in the soil for aeration. Trimming hedges helps maintain their shape and prevents them from overshadowing or overcrowding the lawn. Following these steps will make your lawn lush and green in no time. And remember, don’t cut it too short when you mow!

Plan your planting

To create an exceptional garden design:

  1. Start by incorporating structural plants that are complemented by beautiful flowering varieties.
  2. Use evergreen shrubs to form a solid foundation at the borders and intersperse them strategically throughout the space.
  3. Consider including small shrubs like box balls or larger evergreens such as mahonia to fill larger areas.

Once the structural framework is in place, it’s time to fill the gaps with delightful flowering plants. Limit yourself to five or six different types, arranging them in repeated patterns for a cohesive and pleasing effect. Aim for a border depth of at least one meter, which allows you to position smaller plants at the front and taller ones towards the back. Incorporating a sprinkler system in Mississauga can be a valuable addition to further enhance your exceptional garden design.


Mature trees offer a great starting point for various purposes. They provide shade, blocking the sun’s harsh glare, and can serve as sturdy anchors for shade sails, hammocks, pendant lights, or hanging decorations. Aside from their usefulness, trees may function as natural barriers, obscuring undesirable vistas and reducing the amount of pollution in the air, specifically if you live next to a main roadway. In addition, trees play an important role in turning atmospheric carbon dioxide into oxygen, providing pollen for insects, a bird refuge, and other environmental advantages. Local greenhouses and garden centers often offer a broad selection of maple trees for sale in Toronto.

Beautiful paving

The colour and style of your garden’s paving can greatly influence its overall design. It sets the tone and direction for the entire space. For example, choosing grey or white stone in a random pattern will create a charming French country look. On the other hand, black or silver paving laid out in a regular design will provide a sleek and modern backdrop. And if you opt for golden stone arranged in a mixed pattern, it will evoke a rustic country feel.

Distinct levels

If you have an uneven or sloping garden, decking can be a fantastic and affordable solution for levelling it. Not only does decking provide a levelled surface, but it also offers versatility in design. You can incorporate split levels and steps, creating a dynamic and inviting space perfect for outdoor dining furniture. Since a decked garden area tends to experience heavy foot traffic, durability is key. Decking offers several advantages for your garden. It transforms an uneven or sloping terrain into a functional and attractive space. 

The furniture

Regarding smaller courtyards and patios, consider opting for folding furniture or bench seating that can be conveniently tucked under a dining table when unused. Compact L-shaped sofas can also be surprisingly space-efficient. For larger spaces, you can go for full seating sets that include matching chairs, sofas, tables, sun loungers, day beds, or trendy hanging egg chairs and swing seats.

It’s worth investing in a high-quality garden furniture set that will withstand the test of time. Consider the available space and ensure that each person can comfortably and easily pull out their chair without obstructions. Additionally, remember to leave enough room for everyone to walk around the table while seated, as this requires more space than you might initially think.



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