Indian grocery stores and delivery services are thriving in New York, offering easy access to authentic spices, ingredients, and products from the subcontinent. As the Indian-American population grows in the state, especially in the diverse melting pots of NYC and Long Island, the demand for quality Indian groceries continues to expand rapidly.

Whether you’re looking for everyday staples like rice, lentils, and Indian snacks or specialty ingredients to recreate dishes from back home, these services ensure you have access to your favorite chana masala or ingredients to prepare idli sambhar without hassle. We researched for you on the top online marketplaces and delivery apps making it simple to get your hands on the best selection of Indian grocery NYC.

1. Patel Brothers

With a massive nationwide presence, Patel Brothers is arguably the most popular Indian grocery store chain in the US. They have multiple locations across NYC and Long Island, offering the convenience of both in-store shopping and delivery through partners like Instacart and Mercato.

Beyond an expansive range of Indian spices, basmati rice varieties, packaged snacks, flours, and everyday pantry essentials, their stores also stock fresh produce, refrigerated food like paneer and ghee, frozen parathas and Indian pieces of bread, pickles, and chutneys as well as Ayurvedic products and South Asian cosmetics. Whether you’re looking for kitchenware like pressure cookers or ingredients for a Diwali feast, Patel Brothers likely has you covered.

2. Dawat Grill and Grocery

With a physical store located in Hicksville, Long Island, Dawat brings a restaurant marketplace hybrid model offering patrons the best of both worlds. Beyond house-made halal meat kebabs, biryanis, and curries to eat in, their shop holds aisles of imported packaged masalas, snacks, basmati rice, flours, and anything else required for Indian home cooking.

Their delivery minimum is quite reasonable and they frequently run specials when ordering directly from their website for all your Indian grocery needs. Expect quality spices, pickles, and papad condiments as well as frozen prepared foods like samosas or parathas from trusted Indian brands.

3. India Sari Palace

Don’t let the name fool you – India Sari Palace offers far more than beautiful South Asian clothing and fabrics. With locations in Hicksville, NY as well as Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey, their stores are well-stocked supermarkets for Indian families and anyone seeking authentic ethnic ingredients.

Beyond an endless array of spices, lentils, beans, basmati rice, and Atta (wheat flour), India Sari Palace is especially beloved for its chaat and dessert counters preparing fresh pani puri, sev puri, dosas, vada pav, sweet gulab jamun, hot jalebis, kulfi, and more! You can’t beat enjoying traditional Indian street food while picking up everything else you need for preparing home-cooked meals.

4. Patidar Supermarket

With stores conveniently located in the heart of Oak Tree Road’s “Little India” section of Iselin, NJ, Patidar Supermarket has become a staple for locals and those willing to travel from NYC and NY. Their authentic Indian ingredients, spices, packaged snacks, basmati rice varieties, and produce are of superior quality and they frequently update seasonal products.

Patidar sets itself apart with an impressive collection of frozen parathas, Indian bread varieties (naan, kulcha), snacks (samosas, paneer pakoras), appetizers, and meals. Whether it’s Shaikh Subzi Sabzi or Palak Paneer, you’ll spend less time cooking but still enjoy delicious Indian dishes picked up from this top ethnic grocer.

5. Desi Bazaar

Based in Long Island with a store in Hicksville, Desi Bazaar takes great pride in its gourmet frozen foods and desserts providing customers restaurant quality dishes from the comfort of home. Beyond staples like Shan masalas, Bombay spices, packaged snacks like aloo Bhujia and chakli, fresh produce, and ingredients for cooking traditional meals, their frozen restaurant-prepared options shine.

From kebabs and curries to biryanis, tandoori dishes, chaat, gulab jamun, and ras malai, Desi Bazaar ensures convenient access to authentic Indian cuisine. Their combos and prepared meals deliver on presentation and flavor sure to satisfy family or dinner party guests. Expect quality frozen breads and appetizers too for quick snacks without the headaches of frying at home!

6. Subzi Mandi

With a prime location in “Little India” of Oak Tree Road in Iselin, New Jersey, Subzi Mandi makes ordering online for delivery seamless. They partner with Mercato facilitating grocery orders and shipping to any NY address with ease and reasonable rates. Beyond typical non-perishables, the pure quality and consistent rotation of their fresh produce, vegetables, and ingredients make them a go-to favorite.

Expect the finest quality okra, eggplants, chilies, ginger roots, coconuts, cilantro, and herbs along with authentic spices consistently in stock. When cooking Indian dishes where ingredient quality determines the end result flavors and aromas, few grocers ensure standards like Subzi Mandi. Their packaged snacks and chaat options also satisfy when instant Indian food cravings hit too!

7. Desi Click

Desi Click takes the online Indian grocery marketplace concept to the next level based right out of NY. They stock and ship everything from everyday spice staples and packaged food brands to specialty ingredients and gourmet options surpassing quality expectations for the growing Indian-American community.

Their paneer and desi ghee options impress as do frozen parathas, samosas, and tandoori chicken shipping frozen to arrive fresh. Expect introductory discounts on first orders and combos providing additional savings on Indian grocery essentials. If seeking quality ethnic ingredients sticking to strict regulations on sourcing and shipping, Desi Click delivers for NY Indian grocery needs.


When seeking that taste of home through authentic Indian groceries in New York, numerous delivery options bring convenience without compromising quality. Online marketplaces like Desi Click facilitate easy ordering and subscriptions for regular staples. Restaurant hybrid stores like Dawat allow enjoying freshly prepared Indian food while stocking up on packaged goods. Chains like Patel Brothers continue expanding their empire for one-stop shops catering to all cravings and pantry needs.

Whether you’re located in New York City or Long Island, New Jersey Indian grocery stores also frequently deliver to NY addresses ensuring spice cabinets remain well-stocked. Seek out specialty ingredients from these leading retailers and have access to the greatest variety of products. Finally, don’t underestimate quality guarantees from smaller niche grocers too like Subzi Mandi providing that personal touch for an elevated grocery experience straight from South Asia.



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