Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone is a hormone that makes a lot of people talk about it. Many people are looking for miracle solutions in the form of pills to boosting testosterone levels. There are actually many completely natural solutions told by that allow you to naturally increase your testosterone levels.


A lack of vitamins is often linked to a lack of testosterone boosters. By taking care to eat foods rich in vitamins, you can naturally increase your testosterone levels. Vitamin D is essential for the production of testosterone if you do not have the opportunity to regularly spend holidays in the sun, so try to eat more fatty fish (herring, salmon, tuna, etc.), dark chocolate, d eggs, or milk. Also consider consuming products rich in B vitamins such as seafood, avocado, green leafy vegetables, etc. Other groups of vitamins (A)are sometimes cited for their action in favor of a natural increase in testosterone levels. By regularly eating various fruits and vegetables, you should already enjoy the benefits of vitamins on your testosterone levels.


Zinc deficiency can also cause a deficiency in testosterone production. Indeed, zinc acts as a natural inhibitor of aromatase, the latter being a factor causing the transformation of testosterone into estrogen. Zinc deficiency can lead to increased levels of estrogen at the expense of testosterone.

Too much physical activity can produce zinc deficiency, which is easily removed through sweating. Instead of taking dietary supplements, you can simply be sure to consume zinc-rich foods in order to maintain good testosterone production. The main natural sources of zinc are foods rich in protein (meat, fish, lentils, soy, etc.).


In order to naturally increase your testosterone level, it is strongly recommended to drastically reduce the intake of sugars in your diet. Indeed, it has been proven by several studies that glucose intake can lower your testosterone levels.


If you are on a diet, be careful not to suppress your fat intake. Indeed, we tend to think that fat is bad for the body, that said, without fatty acid intake, there is no testosterone production. There are different types of fats that will have different effects on your body, you have to distinguish between ”  good  ” and ”  bad  ” fats.

Some sources of fat have the effect of increasing your testosterone levels. We will, therefore, limit saturated fatty acids (butter, cheese, palm oil) and we will favor unsaturated fatty acids (olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, etc.).

The alcohol

Alcohol consumption is not recommended if you want to naturally increase your testosterone levels. That said, the scientific community is still divided on the subject. A lot of alcohol and intensive training certainly do not mix well. However moderate consumption does not necessarily have a significant impact on your testosterone level, so it will be a question of balance. However, keep the sugars contained in alcoholic beverages.

The young

Some studies show that intermittent fasting can boost testosterone levels. The effects of this practice are still contested, so be careful not to practice it if you are in perfect health, and without abuse.

If you want to try to boost your testosterone production by fasting, you can start by playing fasting twice a week. Beware of hypoglycemia that could cause falls. It will be necessary to take care to feed well after the effort.

You can also try intermittent fasting: it is fasting for 16 hours, then feeding over a period of 8 hours. It is possible to repeat the operation up to 4 times a week, after having tested the method.

The fasting cures are also possible: this is to fast for one or two weeks, once or twice a year. Be careful here to check his state of health before embarking on fasting. Prolonged fasting can lead to discomfort.

By taking a few simple steps to rebalance your diet you will benefit from a natural increase in your testosterone levels. Each individual is different, what is important is to find the program that really corresponds to your expectations and your objectives.

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