Adapting digital technology in the health field is called digital health. It is very effective and can explore different treatment methods. It allows the sharing of medical reports and checkup details digitally. The significance of the Australian government is that they spend around 10 million for finding the latest technology to improve the health system. Apart from this, they conduct a healthcare expo to explore the world of treatment to the citizens. It helps to get the opportunities to connect with the best medical devices, suppliers, latest lab equipment, radiology equipment, healthcare products, etc. Employing digital technology also provides a relevant impact among the elderly in Australia. They provide quality care and support to them. So involving digital technology in the health field prevents severe disease and improves life.

Benefits of Medical Expo

If you are interested in the medical field, the expo helps you to know about the products of different companies. Further, one can experience the live result of disparate treatment technologies. Arising innovative ideas in the medical field can make changes in human health. Moreover, the expo is an opportunity to meet eminent persons who have high talent in the sector. So this is a way to enhance the relationship too. The diagnostic methods, devices, and lab equipment are helping to drive the best in health care. The Australian government supports conducting a healthcare expo for getting a higher profile in the medical field. 

Benefits of a Digital Health System

  1. The life expectancy of Australians is nearly 82 years. Most of the deaths in the country are due to some chronic disease. So the increasing opportunities in digital health are to avoid this chronic disease death to an extent. With this digital technology, the patients will get efficient health services while availing themselves of high-quality care. Thus, it will prevent the impact of self-caring by the patients. 
  2. It is known that prevention is better than cure. These digital technologies help to know about the current condition of the patient and prevent future illnesses by predicting their prognosis. When you go for a regular examination, if there are any abnormalities, you can connect the appropriate doctors for medical assistance. Digital health platforms help monitor illnesses and cure them quickly.
  3. The digital health system helps grow a healthy relationship between the doctor and the patient. Further, the various technologies available aid to record the health details of patients. So the doctor can identify the patient and, by analysing the digitally entered details, he will get the complete information and current health status of the patient. This is helpful to provide immediate treatments, and it increases the trust of patients in doctors. 
  4. Introducing digital technology into the health field reduces the burden of jobs for medical professionals. So, they spend the extra time monitoring patients. 

Digital Health Initiatives

  1. Health care identifiers: One of the digital health initiatives is health care identifiers. It works with a unique number of doctors that connects the health care providers to the recipients.
  2. My health record system: It records the patient’s health information electronically. The recording is only done with the consent of patients. If needed, it is only shared with the healthcare identifiers. The details consist of personal documents, organ donation or implantation details, pharmaceutical benefits etc.
  3. Health professionals online service: It provides the details of healthcare providers, creates health provider links, etc.
  4. Digital health software: Having digital health software allows one to get all assistance through a single window.


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