Do you love the look of high heels but don’t know how to walk in them without your whole night being filled with pain?

High heels give us an extra boost of confidence that everyone should enjoy without any pain or discomfort. That’s why we’ve gathered the best tips to help you learn how to walk in high heels the right way. With a few adjustments, you’ll be wearing high heels like a pro in no time!

Start Small

When we see a beautiful pair of high heels in the store, we buy them without even thinking about the height of the shoe. When you’re learning how to practice wearing high heels, it’s important to start with a lower heel and then work your way up to the taller ones.

If you go straight for the five-inch heel without any experience, it’s not only painful but it’s also dangerous.

Choose the Right Fit

The key to painless high heels is to find the perfect fit for your feet. Get a proper measurement and then buy your shoes off of the new number.

Going off of your normal shoe size doesn’t always give you the right fit for these specialized heels. When in doubt, get a professional to help you measure your size!

Always Break in New Shoes

The right size isn’t enough to ensure that walking in high heels will be painless. You need to take the time to break in the shoes, the same as you would with regular shoes.

Even the best high heel boots need time to adjust to your feet. By going through this step, the shoes form to your specific foot shape, lessening pain as you walk around.

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Walk Heel-to-Toe

Due to their unique shape, high heels require us to walk in a very specific way. You must always step down with your heel first, followed by your toes. If you’re not used to walking this way, it’ll take some practice to get the technique right.

Trying to do it the other way around only results in steps that are awkward, off-balanced, and quickly become painful after a few minutes.

Practice Your Technique

Regular practice is important when you’re learning something new, and wearing high heels is no different. It’s the most vital of all the high heel walking tips

Spending even 10 minutes a day walking in your new high heels is enough to make a huge difference in your technique. Make sure to take it slow when you first begin and don’t rush. It takes time to learn how to walk in heels properly, but once you do, you’ll be a master for life!

Learning How to Walk in High Heels Is a Valuable Skill

With the help of the above tips, you’ll have no trouble learning how to walk in high heels without any pain bothering you. During your next night out on the town, take advantage of your new skill. Show off your favorite outfit with all the confidence in the world!

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