Keeping long hair is one thing. Maintaining long hair is another – and perhaps the most demanding. I get it; it’s never easy keeping your hair shiny, clean, and preventing unnecessary tangling and knotting.

One product, hair serum, has been lauded in the haircare industry for its efficiency in helping maintain long hair. Despite its effectiveness, what proves more useful is your understanding of the proper ways to use it.

Read on as we explore the various dos and don’ts to observe when you want to achieve optimum results with hair serum:


Here is what you can do when you are treating your hair with hair serum. The strategies are not to be used singly but can be done simultaneously to achieve a heightened response to the hair serum.

Apply on moderately wet hair

How to Use A Hair Serum

Hair serum adheres well in hair that has been towel dried. This criterion applies to most hair products. You might not achieve the desired results if you use your hair treatment products on dry hair.

Besides, you should ensure that your hair is not dripping wet when applying the serum. The serum won’t just stay on dripping hair. Use a towel or an absorbent cloth to dry your hair after washing it.

Apply in moderate amounts

As much as you may be trying to keep your hair shiny, smooth, and soft, you should not overuse the hair serum. Applying a lot of it on your hair may make your hair greasier and predispose your hair to the accumulation of dust and dirt. Apply hair serum proportionately depending on the length of your hair.

Wash your hair thoroughly before applying serum

The whole essence of using hair serum is to protect your hair from pollution and environmental dirt. It is not primarily a cleanser. For this reason, you shouldn’t apply hair serum on dirty hair.

For better results, wash your hair first with your preferred hair shampoo. Then, use a towel to dry your hair, purposely to remove the dripping water after washing.

Consider your hair type when using serum

It won’t be of much help if you pick any serum and apply it to your hair without getting to know the details about your hair type and the specifications of the serum. There are three most common types of hair: dry, oily, and rough.

Besides, there are hair serums that are designed specifically for hair types, including chemically treated hair. If you are not sure about your hair type, then you can inquire from your hairstylist and ask them the best serums for your hair.


These are some of the things you shouldn’t do, especially if you want optimum results with your hair serum. Read on:

Don’t: Apply to unwashed hair

Applying hair serum to unwashed hair is indeed a waste of the product. Depending on the environment you are living in, your hair is predisposed to quite some impurities and contaminants. It suffices to note that hair serum is not a cleanser, but works well on cleansed hair. When applied to washed hair, the serum will protect against these environmental contaminants.

Don’t: Apply to the roots/near the scalp

Hair Serum, How to Use A Hair Serum

Ideally, the ends of your hair are more prone to pollution and contamination by environmental dirt than the regions near the scalp. As a result, it is the ends of your hair that require more hair serum than the other parts. You should avoid applying the serum to your scalp first. The best strategy is by starting from the tips of the hair as you move steadily towards the scalp. This way, you will alleviate hair dryness, hair roughness, and split ends.

Don’t: Apply the serum immediately

At the end of it all, you want the serum you are applying to blend seamlessly with your hair. More often, you might find yourself putting the serum in your hands and using it immediately. This should not be the case. You can take your time and rub the serum in your hands. The friction created thereof will heat up the serum, allowing it to break down and liquefy. This makes the serum adhere seamlessly to your hair.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, getting your hands on the perfect serum for your hair is the real deal. Though, it doesn’t stop there. If you want to keep flawless hair with all the problems of hair management at bay, then you need to master the dos, and don’ts of using hair serum discussed above. You can always inquire from your stylist if you are not sure about the type of serum to use for your hair. If your passion is a hair and you’d like to learn more, you can even become a stylist. Websites like offer training in hair and beauty.

Author Bio:

Bonnke Arunga is a senior medical student and an expert health writer. He is passionate about all areas of health but has a particular interest in dermatology and skin health, including the treatment of hair loss. Bonnke holds a Bachelor of Science and currently seeking for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.), from Maseno University. The author mostly contributes to the blog, covering various hair loss topics, from topical solutions to particular lifestyle tips.



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