How to Upgrade Your Career at Any Age

Our careers have been sold to us as a massive and important part of our lives. We spend most of our time working, and in some cases, even our free time is not free time from work. 

That being said, it is a good enough reason as any to make some changes in your life, so you can do something you are happy doing for a long period.

If you are unhappy with your career trajectory or want to try something completely different, then you have come to the right place. 

This piece is going to look at what moves you can make to upgrade your career at any age, and how you can do it.

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

It is probably fair to say that younger people have less trouble adjusting and getting in the right mindset for a change. This is most likely because the older someone is, the more likely they have been in the same industry for a long time, have responsibilities and bills, and it will be more of a risk to take a change. 

However, while the pros and cons should be weighed up, changing your mindset will be one of your best assets to facilitate the career outcome you want. It might be a slow but sure route, rather than the instantaneous switch some may hope for, but the time will pass anyway, and that is one of the main things to focus on to keep you on the right track.

Remind Yourself of Your Why

Your reason for why you want to make the transition will be the main thing that pushes you forward. It could be anything from wanting to be happier at work, earn a better income, get better job security, or just simply trying something you are interested in. You will need to remind yourself of your reasons when things get tricky when you are finally taking the leap to make a university application, or if you are looking to transfer from your learning institution to another. Your ‘why’ will help you when you are looking at LMU college transfers requirements at CampusReel, and it will also help you when all of the heavier changes start to kick in. 

Focus On the Transferable Skills You Do Have

When moving from one career to another, it can feel like you are starting all over again, and in many cases, that just is not true. Sure, if you are going from being a history teacher to studying to be an optometrist, there will be some changes and new learning material. However, technical skills and people skills will still serve you well whatever you are deciding to change to. 

Depending on what career path you have come from will determine what skills you must bring to the table. Focus on those and understand how they will help you with your new path. Upgrading your career is possible at any age.