PDF fillable forms are one way for users to add text to an important PDF document, especially if it is an official legal, professional or financial form. Users can input text into the specified boxes but what about adding text to a non-PDF fillable form? Users can open their PDFs in several different programs and add text manually as they would with any other type of document processing program. Even though PDFs are meant to be unaltered, users can install or download a PDF editor to make the changes they need or want to their PDF files. 

Edit a Document

Editing a PDF document can mean many things. It can mean changing design elements or the layout of the document. It can also mean adding things like images, graphics, or other visual aids to enhance the document’s relevance and presentation. But the central way that people understand editing a document is by adding and removing text. 

The way to add text to a PDF document depends on the tool being used. The way to add text in a program like Lumin PDF is as follows: 

  • Open the PDF in the Lumin browser 
  • Select from either the Text Tools, Free Text or Freehand Tools 
  • In any of the tools select the width, color, and font style 
  • Type in the text to its intended place 

Depending on the tool chosen, users can create text within a text box in which they determine the length, size, and location. Another way for users to edit the text of a PDF file is by opening it in Google Docs. Google Docs will convert the PDF into a text file, but it will not let users manipulate or change any other aspect of the PDF like Responsive image, graphics, or the overall layout. 

Review or Approve a Document on The Go 

Lumin PDF is an online program but it also lets users download a version for desktop use. Users can also download Lumin to their tablet or smartphone so they can always have access to their files. The downloadable version of Lumin lets users view, edit and share their PDF files offline or wherever they go. Users can still work on their files when they are on the go and even when they do not have internet access. 

Sign a Document

Signing a document is as important to digital PDF files as it is to hard-copy contracts or documents. The way to add a signature to a PDF with Lumin PDF is easier than most people think. Adding a signature to a PDF has the same function as it does with a hard-copy document, meaning it gives the document approval and makes the stipulations in a contract take effect. 

In Lumin, users need to only: 

  • Open the PDF file in the Lumin browser 
  • Click the Signature button (denoted by the fountain pen icon) 
  • Select from a Saved Image, Upload a New Image, or Freehand 
  • Users can upload an image of their real signature or create a new one with the Freehand tool 
  • Once created users can affix the signature to the appropriate location 

The signature will then be attached to the document, although users can also remove it if they want. After the signature has been affixed, users can then save or download the document as well as send it to any interested parties. 



Patricia Ann Cole has been writing stories since she was a child. Most of those stories were of a paranormal nature. In her adult life she earned a BA in mathematics and taught elementary math for many years. She loves to read, particularly romance novels. She can talk for hours about a TV series. She adores her cat, Sonic. She loves spending time with family and friends, especially her nieces and nephew. She is an avid traveler and enjoys the more exotic adventures.
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