Summer is a trial by fire for curly hair and all women who straighten their curls during the rest of the year know it. The reason is that water is the main enemy of hairstyles with straighteners or blow-dryers because the curls will start to form again just a few minutes after getting out of the sea or the pool. 

The experts’ suggestion? Give the heat tools a break and fall in love with your natural waves with tricks that keep them defined, shiny and frizz-free, explains Women’s Concepts. Because if at the beginning of the year we showed you easy hairstyles to be more creative when it comes to gathering your curls, now you will learn how to leave them in the air and, why not, to introduce these routines in your daily life to show off great hair with extra volume even in autumn or winter. 

There’s nothing with more personality than a curly, manicured mane. But for many years, curly hair has been stigmatized and subjected to flat irons and straighteners that have kept it from looking the way it deserves.

One of the reasons for this ‘stigma’ that experts talk about is that this hair texture is more difficult to control than straight hair and also more prone to dehydration and frizz. However, professionals know the best techniques to boost nourishment and control frizz using Detangler brushes from These are the four rules that women with beautiful hair have to follow:

1. Bet on foams

The curl goes from one extreme to the other, i.e., from very curly to big waves, which become wilder and undone, worked to leave them as natural as possible thanks to the diffuser and the foam. Thanks to the styling foams, the curls get a more defined and shinier finish, formulas that simply need to be spread from the roots to the ends on damp hair. To fix the result, you can use a blow-dryer head as recommended by your hairdresser or let the hair air dry by tussling the strands with your hands.

2. Don’t over-brush

The urban legend that curls shouldn’t be combed is not so much myth as reality: Too much brushing can damage the curl and even open it up and cause it to lose all its strength and elasticity, as well as not taking into account other possibilities, from long hair to short hair with or without layers. 

It will also depend on the type, whether it’s waves or spiral, for example, and when it comes to bathing, the professionals warn that when it is wet, it is the moment when it is most fragile, so when you are at the beach be sure to apply a leave-in conditioner or the same hair sunscreen, to help detangle while nourishing the hair. This should always be done with a wide-toothed comb and avoid tugging that could break the fiber. 

3. Invest in a nourishing serum

The must-have in your summer toiletry bag now that you have curly hair is a product that provides lots of moisture, such as serums or nourishing oils to be applied from mid-lengths to ends: Frizzy hair usually needs nourishment, either with a mask or, if you don’t have enough time to leave it on, at least apply a conditioner. After washing the hair, we can use an oil serum or anti-frizz spray.

4. The cuts? Always dry

In contrast to straight hair, curly hair needs to have all the moisture removed from the hair to shape it. The reason is none other than the change in length that curly hair undergoes from wet to dry. The cut should preferably be done dry, seeking the greatest naturalness and giving it that wild touch so desired”. And as last tips to take care of it from home, the expert advises “combing with our own hands, stirring the fingers between the curls or with wide-tooth combs, as well as the use at bedtime of moisturizing masks against dryness and frizzy hair, problems that will occur if we don’t take care of them.



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