Everyone has that one little thing they do to help them feel good through the day—things like baking a cake, eating a bar of chocolate, or a simple walk. The brain releases chemicals that make us feel good whenever we do the activities we love. All it does, though, is give us temporary pleasure. There are some permanent solutions like creative outlets that are therapeutic, and writing is one of them. It helps you better understand your feelings and thoughts. Journaling arouses questions concerning your life. It records your life experiences and aids you in working through each of them aiding in mental health. Here are some reasons by mypaperdone.com why writing is therapeutic.

Use it for Mindfulness

Mindfulness and mediation have proven to work very well in improving mental health. Researchers have also shown that writing for 20 minutes every day works similarly. The researchers found out that people who wrote openly without hiding their emotions were healthier mentally compared to those who held back their feelings. Writing is a brilliant way of letting go of stress and a great path to mindfulness.

Free your Mind

Writing is a brilliant way of freeing your mind from negative thoughts and worry. Mental health is like a grey cloud of negative emotions that is very disruptive and devastating. Writing is a brilliant technique to hasten the process of regaining mental wellness. Researchers from Texas University showed that people find it easier to talk about traumatic experiences after opening up about it on writing first.

Be more conscious

Writing about small facts about your everyday experiences has an impact later in life. It does not have to always be about traumatic experiences. Research at Harvard University on undergraduate students showed that the level of attention to different things like music and jokes changed with time after writing them down. From a 3 to a 4.34 on a rating scale of 1-7. The level of consciousness expressed here is instrumental in having a positive mindset.

How to get started

Not everyone keeps journals. Here are some tips to assist you with your journal.

  • Set apart 20 minutes for writing regularly. Set a reminder if necessary, as time goes, the process becomes a habit.
  • Do the writing in a personal space. Get rid of any distractions and focus on the journaling.
  • If you are stuck, use any prompts to start. Here are some prompt ideas.

What challenges did I face today?

Was I sad or anxious today?

What made me happy today?

What little accomplishments did I make today?

You can come up with your method of prompting thoughts. With technology, you can easily journal on your smartphone or computer. There is no wrong way of journaling. All you need is some time to yourself and somewhere to write or type. Since journals are private, you are free to express yourself freely. Please do not hold back emotions because it makes writing counter-productive. It gives you authority over your own experiences. With time, you get to learn a lot about yourself, what you enjoy, what you dislike, and what ticks you, among other things.


Writing or journaling is a brilliant technique for attaining mental health. It is a technique that does not need external monitoring, as one can monitor progress and experiences. It is a skill that needs consistent practice and discipline. It is perfect for freeing the mind from negativity and focusing on the positives. 

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