A wig is a great way to achieve a pristine look or complete your costume. So as to make sure that the wig is in perfect condition you need to store the wig in a dry place. Irrespective of the fact whether you are using a synthetic wig, a human wig properly storing the wig will make it look fresher and stay intact for a prolonged period of time.

Washing the wig

If you have worn the wig multiple times, then clean it. Dirt along with sweat can accumulate on the wig when you wear it. Though it would be dependent upon the extent to which you have worn the wig, you have to wash the 5*5  HD lace closure wig and condition it after 10 to 15 times of its wear. This will ensure that the wig has a natural and soft look.

The instructions on the shampoo and conditioner bottles need to be followed. Coming to the washing instructions of the wig it is dependent upon the type of products that you use. Make sure that you are using products designed for synthetic or human hair wigs. The use of hot water can damage and weaken the fibers, with cold water removing the dirt of the hair products. Such special types of shampoos or conditioners may be found at various online stores.

Small knots that are left over a prolonged period of time may damage or break the wig fibers. It is suggested to take a comb more so with a detangling comb with large teeth and detangle the comb. This prevents the wig from shedding.

Before storing the 5*5  HD lace closure wig it has to be completely air dry. If there is sealed moisture it may lead to mold accumulating on the wig.

The wig is to be stored in a plastic bag or a container

The wig needs to be folded in half from ear to ear. When you are planning to store the wig it may prevent it from crumbling. If the wig has short or medium-length hair, the wig would work best.

For stackable storage, you can place the wig in an individual storage bin. This turns out to be a viable option if there are a couple of wigs that you have to store. The inexpensive plastic containers can be purchased from the local store and they may be stacked in the closet. The expensive wigs are available in packaged wig boxes. If this turns out to be the case, then you can return the wig back to the box where it is packaged. Do not commit the mistake of storing the wigs in cardboard boxes. The moment air becomes humid, the cardboard will absorb the moisture, as the wig could turn out to be mold.

As far as compact storage is concerned, you can slip the 5*5  HD lace closure wig into a clean storage bag. If there is a growing collection of wigs, it is going to make the wig safe and makes it clean. Before you are sealing the plastic bag it is suggested that you remove all the air from the bag by flattening it. Any form of mishandling of the wig could force the wig to become tangled. If you are planning to travel somewhere with your wig, then the best storage option is bagging your wig. For a frequent traveler, it is suggested that you invest in a custom-sized wig bag.


Using the wig hanger

There are affordable versions of the wigs like a 30 inch bust down wig, and others with online retailers. The bigger hangers would be made from metal or plastic, as the wig stands will be developed from metal. The material or the stands is not going to matter in any way as it all comes down to your preferences.

The wig that you are using the most has to be placed on the wig stand. Though a wig stand may occupy a lot of space, it is suggested that you store the one that you use the most often on the stand. It works out to be a viable option for wigs that have a lot of volumes. Suppose if you are not wearing a particular wig for a lot of time during the week then it may not turn out to be the perfect option for you.

For easy store, the wig needs to be hung on the wig hanger. This works out to be a great option for wigs that have a lot of volumes. If you are not wearing the wig a lot then this may not work out to be a great option for you. As the wig will be on the stand it will be exposed to dust accumulation. No point in hanging a wig in a place that is not designated for wigs. An object like a coat cook may stretch the look of the wig.



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