The sun’s embrace is unyielding in the vast Saudi desert, where a silent struggle unfolds beneath the skin’s surface every day. Recent statistics reveal a poignant reality: more than half of Saudi Arabian women battle with various skin conditions.

This predicament finds its roots in the country’s unpredictable climate. Mainly characterized by extreme temperatures, the climate becomes a catalyst for skin discomfort – manifesting as dryness, itchiness, and irritation. This harsh reality underscores the urgent need for a dedicated skincare routine tailored to combat the challenges posed by the desert climate.

This article aims to tackle this problem through affordable and effective beauty secrets, offering a solution to deal with the aridity of the country that makes skincare more challenging. You’ll get to explore the intricacies of skincare in Saudi Arabia and enjoy naturally glowing skin.

  1. Shop for the right beauty essentials.

Create a beauty routine to keep your skin radiant amid the sun-soaked Saudi desert. Keep yourself protected from the harsh elements while ensuring a healthy glow with the following skincare essentials:


Gently cleanse with a hydrating foaming cream to remove impurities and makeup without drying your skin.


Revitalize with a water-based moisturizer infused with aloe water, to quench your skin with a lightweight, hydrating boost.


Defend your skin from the desert sun with a broad-spectrum, fragrance-free sunscreen that transforms into a refreshing water-like lotion.

Facial Mist

Complete your routine with a facial mist, providing on-the-go hydration and fortifying your skin against external stressors.

  1. Stay hydrated and moisturized.

Want to know the secret to supple, younger-looking skin? Hydration. This becomes even more crucial in places with dry air and hot weather, like Saudi Arabia.

The desert heat is notorious for causing dehydration, deflating your cells and leaving your skin dry and lackluster. Defy the effects of the desert’s dry embrace with steady water intake. Electrolytes can also enhance hydration by helping your body retain the water you consume.

Beyond hydration, nourish your skin with serums and targeted formulas enriched with hyaluronic acid. This remarkable ingredient, capable of holding over 1,000 times its weight in water, becomes a skincare powerhouse.

  1. Know what to look for in beauty products.

Practical choices can make a real difference when selecting beauty products in Saudi Arabia. In the dry conditions of the desert, prioritize ingredients that balance, hydrate, and shield your skin.

Hydration Helpers

Opt for humectant ingredients like glycerine, propanediol, honey, aloe, tremella mushroom, and algae. These substances draw moisture deep into your skin, keeping it hydrated without constantly pulling from the already-dry atmosphere.

Barrier Builders

Boost your protection against moisture loss with occlusive ingredients. Natural options like beeswax form a protective layer on your skin, slowing evaporation. While synthetic choices such as petrolatum, silicones, and mineral oil exist, they might leave a slightly sticky or oily residue.

  1. Make the necessary lifestyle changes.

The path to radiant skin intertwines with mindful lifestyle choices. Acknowledge the impact of your daily habits on your skin’s well-being, particularly in Saudi’s arid climate, and make the necessary adjustments for healthier skin.

Balanced Diet

Fuel your skin from within by adopting a balanced diet. Avoid processed foods and excess alcohol, and add more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts into your meals. This dietary shift can help enhance your skin’s defenses against the harsh Saudi climate.

Beauty Sleep

Make sure you get seven to nine hours of restful sleep every night for better health and beautiful skin. This nightly ritual contributes to skin rejuvenation, counteracting existing conditions and slowing down the aging process.

Bonus Beauty Hacks for Radiant Skin

Unlock the regal beauty traditions passed through generations of Saudi women with these accessible and affordable DIY beauty hacks. These time-tested remedies harness the healthiest ingredients for flawless skin without breaking the bank.


Rosewater is the Middle East’s age-old beauty secret. It acts as a natural astringent, reducing skin damage and delaying wrinkle formation.

Freeze rosewater into cubes, applying them for a refreshing face and neck treatment. The cold temperature enhances blood circulation, leaving your skin blushing naturally. Use up to twice a week for a royal glow.


Harness the goodness of avocados beyond the breakfast table. Avocado oil, rich in fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins, balances skin moisture.

Combine half an avocado with raw honey, oats, coconut oil, and lemon juice, then apply, for an Arabian glow. This winning recipe nourishes and protects your skin.


Dubbed as “liquid gold,” honey has moisture-absorbing powers that hydrate and refresh the skin.

Create a silky concoction by blending cucumber juice with honey and apply it daily for revitalized skin. This antioxidant-rich mix promotes rejuvenation and leaves your skin irresistibly smooth.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, nature’s youth nectar, can heal and hydrate skin.

Extract gel from an aloe vera plant, mix it with argan oil and apply at night to combat wrinkles and premature aging – a skincare genie in your garden.

Camel Milk

For irritated skin, embrace the soothing power of camel milk. Packed with lactic acid, elastin, and vitamin C, it moisturizes, softens, and brightens.

Create a calming mask by adding lavender essential oil to camel milk. Let this desert remedy tighten, exfoliate, and reduce acne breakouts for a visage fit for royalty.

Unveil Radiance Under the Saudi Arabian Sun

Embrace a skincare routine tailored for the arid climate of Saudi Arabia. 

Use these affordable and accessible tips to unveil your beauty in the stunning desert landscape. Your journey to luminosity begins now.



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