The beard is the charm for men, just as beauty, jewelry, and makeup are for women. Some men are endowed with a beard that is quite thick and lengthy. However, some men are still unable to benefit from this blessing. Growing an appealing beard can be challenging. The growth of a beard depends on certain factors such as age, nourishment, and health conditions.

Some natural and herbal formulas can surely improve your beard growth. While to help grow a thicker, fuller, and attractive beard, some tips and tricks can help. The appearance of a beard is an age-bound natural phenomenon that requires deep care.  Scientific studies suggest that beard growth depends on genetics, and very little can help maintain its consistency. Despite this fact, some beard care practices can help boost the growth and volume of the beard. Here are some ways you can adapt to growing a great beard.

Skin Exfoliation and Moisturizing

The hair follicles are rooted in the lower layer of your skin. The dead skin cells must be removed to trigger hair growth from these follicles. Skin scrubbing and exfoliation act as saviors in such a situation. Scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells from your face and supports new cells to flourish. Moisturizing your face after exfoliation can help increase blood flow towards your facial skin. That will nourish the hair roots and skin cells enough to improve hair growth. Sometimes, uneven facial hair and dead skin cells can hinder uniform beard growth. Using an efficient shaving razor, removing these will wipe off debris from your facial skin. With a fresh start, it will act as an addition to exfoliation. Shaving the initially grown hair will level their length. The facial hair will then grow from the same starting point. It will attain a definite length simultaneously. It will, no doubt, reduce fatigue of working on hair length repeatedly.

Intake of Proper Diet

Taking care of your beard can assuredly help it grow, but a balanced diet is also essential. Eating raw and fresh foods assists in developing body organs and cells. When a proper diet is ingested, all the body cells get their whole nutrition. Similarly, the facial skin cells and hair follicles take up vital nutrients from the essential diet. To aid a fast beard growth, you must consume proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dietary supplements. Include beef, chicken, eggs, and fish in your daily diet. Plant-based food such as oranges, brazil nuts, raisins, potatoes, kale, and spinach can also boost your beard’s growth. Supplements like Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Inositol, Niacin, and Biotin promote hair growth. They are also very beneficial for making your beard grow stronger each day.

Exercising and Stress Relief

Relaxation of the mind and body is necessary for all aspects of life. While to achieve a specific beard growth, the mind and body must be at ease at the same time. Your facial hair growth is much more promising when you stay relaxed. Exercise can help you relax and de-stress. Walking, yoga, and meditation for a short period daily will relieve your stress.

Along with these, proper sleep is also necessary. Besides this, you need to keep your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water and avoiding any drug intake.

Beard Oil

The growing beard may seem easy, but it truly demands intense care. The toughness of weather and environmental conditions can leave your beard hair dry and irritated. It may lead to the splitting of beard hair ends. The splitting up makes hair weak, and it ultimately falls off. If left unnoticed, the hair fall may become more frequent. The use of beard oil with natural ingredients will eradicate dryness and frizz. There is a large variety of oils available in the market. Eucalyptus oil is the best so far due to its unmatched natural properties. Its pocket-friendly nature and easy availability are other aspects of its use as a beard growth promoter.

Shampooing and Conditioning

Shampooing and conditioning are usually reserved for head hair. Little does anyone know about beard shampoos and conditioners? It may be surprising that the market is full of beard cleaning and maintenance products. In the same way, you shampoo and condition your hair after each wash; you should shampoo and condition your beard as well. Shampooing removes dirt, and conditioning makes your beard silky and soft. By doing so, ingrown hair and dandruff are removed, creating room for extraordinary beard growth.

Avoid Common Beard Grooming Myths

It is always said that shaving improves your beard growth. Shaving your beard can help grow thick facial hair. However, this is not true. Because of its brittleness, newborn hair should be shaved. Shaving mature beard hair is never suggested to speed up beard growth.  The thickness and length of your facial hair depend entirely on your genes. Another triggering factor may be your hormonal distribution throughout the body. The hormones such as aldosterone and testosterone may get disturbed due to disturbing life patterns. As mentioned already, they can be improved by eating proper foods and exercising well. These myths have now been ruled out as shaving a beard often is never helpful in intensifying beard growth. So, focusing on your target is critical to accomplishing your goals. 

Wrap Up

To summarise, not all guys enjoy growing a beard, but those who do have problems maintaining one. Such young men and boys desire to grow a thick, long beard. A few simple practices are required to make this goal a reality. Starting with cleaning and exfoliating can make the base of your bead hair strong. Once the foundation is built well, the beard growth can be augmented with proper care. The care includes both superficial and internal safekeeping of the body. After cleaning, polishing is required in the form of oiling.

Moisturization is then followed by a healthy diet plan to support body well-being. Despite carrying out all these activities, one must ignore any misleading practices. It will help focus on the goals and achieve them with much ease.



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