How to Glam Up for a Summer Beach Party

Summer is right around the corner, and along with it come beautiful beaches and glamorous seasonal soirees. Is your wardrobe ready?

If you’re hoping to look your very best, a stylish and perfectly put-together look is mandatory – no worn-out flip flops or drab sun dresses allowed!

Read on to learn about the most glamorous and on-trend summer beach party looks for the upcoming season, guaranteed to turn heads.

Creative Coverups

If you’re wondering what to wear to a beach party and you’re planning on swimming or sunbathing, this could be your best option.

Try a dramatic coverup in a bright neon color, flirty lace, or steamy gauze. Floor-length options can lengthen your legs, as can pairing this cut with the right shoe.

Two-piece coverups can also stand-in for other clothing items, allowing you to layer a sexy see-through top over your favorite swimsuit and shorts combo.

Stylish Sandals

The right shoes can make or break any beach party outfit, and nothing says glamor like high heel sandals

Opt for a blocky style for extra stability if you’ll be walking in sand. And, be sure to pick a pair that will look just as good in your hand later, just in case you take them off for seaside dancing! 

Metallics, white, beige, and nude are all hot colors for summer but don’t be afraid to add a bright pop to your outfit. Animal prints and bold neon shades can help balance serious or formal outfits.

Borrowed From Your Boyfriend

Glamorous beach party outfits for ladies don’t always have to include flowy dresses and feminine styles. 

Some of this year’s most creative beach outfit ideas borrow clean lines and masculine cuts from the boys, with crisp white button-down shirts and relaxed fit jeans.

You can also mix and match these styles, layering a serious suit jacket with a sexy bikini top. Or, pair any of your girly dresses for a beach party with loafers and a blazer with rolled-up sleeves.

Go For the Gold 

Nothing says glamour like gold. Whether it’s a flashy set of swinging earrings or a large pendant necklace, the sparkle of this precious metal is guaranteed to elevate your look.

If you aren’t big into jewelry, consider adding gold to your look with accessories. Clutch purses, belts, and even sunglasses can help make your outfit pop.

Luxe Linen

Prized by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, linen remains one of the world’s most glamorous and luxurious fabrics. And, thanks to its lightweight and moisture-wicking capabilities, it’s summer’s perfect textile.

Whether you go for a flowing dress, crisp pair of shorts, or day-to-night suit, be sure to view your outfit in natural light before heading to your party. Otherwise, you could accidentally discover areas of your look that are transparent.

Wearing lined linen will help with this, though it might take away from the garment’s breezy summer aesthetic.

Step Out in Style at Your Next Summer Beach Party

Now that you’ve got your glamorous summer pool party look locked down, it’s time to dig into the rest of the season’s hottest styles.

Check out the rest of our homepage for hot tips and advice on fashion, beauty, health, and lifestyle. We’ll have you looking and feeling your very best this summer – we promise!