Wedding clothing is a very important element that allows you to pass a strong message to your guests and unveils them even more as a woman. Beyond this idea, the dress that wants to be a central element in the choice of accessories, and jewels represent a chic and glamorous value, but also allow enhancing its natural beauty. Some practical tips on how to choose your wedding jewelry and keep the look of your best days with good materials and colors of jewelry.

The choice of necklace

The base of the choice of wedding jewelry starts with the wedding necklace and you can choose a wedding necklace online from; it is perfect to harmonize your bust and your neckline. He will guide you in choosing the rest of your finery. Taking the time to choose a necklace is necessary to better harmonize with your beautiful wedding dress. The necklaces were created to suit specific shapes and cuts of necklines.

Some dresses like those without necklines, with high necks, or with American necklines do not require a necklace. It will denature the dress and increase a non-essential load. In this case, the secret is in the earrings of more or less long size, they will allow your outfit to be highlighted. The straight-necked dresses with open shoulders are perfect for small necklaces, round neck, or choker style. They will be visible; will put your dress more in value, perfect to accompany the fabric and the wedding lace.

Dresses with a V-shaped neckline are a boon because they allow you to let go and not think too much about the choice to make. Choose according to your tastes and opt for necklaces and necklaces especially if your neckline is plunging.

The asymmetrical shape dresses require respect for the form; the best is to continue in the asymmetry by taking a necklace of this form. Opt for models that have a pattern on the opposite side of the ramp. This will allow you to expose the roundness of the shoulders and sublimate your neck.

The choice of earrings

The choice of the necklace is an essential base because the rest of the adornment depends on it. So if the necklace is imposing, simplify things with the earrings with less heaviness. However, be sure to harmonize colors, styles, and shapes. The size of the pair of wedding earrings is important. It usually depends on the crush you will have. However, if you wear a dress that does not require a necklace, stay in the loops of small sizes or medium sizes to enhance your face and sublimate the line of your neck. More and more wedding earrings are made of natural materials such as flowers for example, although their life is limited, it remains comfortable to wear and give a touch of natural life to your outfit.

The choice of bracelet

Bracelets are accessories that must combine utility and beauty. They must not weigh or tighten the wrist. Indeed, you will need your wrist all day long to do many activities. The beauty of the bracelet should not eclipse that of the necklace, but complement it to give more finesse to your wrist.

The choice of the ring

To avoid confusion, leave only your wedding ring on your fingers. This simple and precise demarcation will allow you to show your change of status. Engagement rings even if they are representative of a part of your life as a couple should stay at home if they are not converted to a wedding ring. Please treat your fingers and nails well as they may be the focus of attention. However, do not do too much not to steal the show from your ring.

Choose your natural stone jewelry

Natural stone jewelry is more and more popular with the bride and groom. This is probably due to the fact that we can have them together. Here, everything is carefully chosen and the collections offered have special symbolism. All scholarships are represented and accessible. The colors are quite diverse, which offers a multitude of choices for the couple who wants to break the codes. From ivory to metal to amber, natural stones allow the bride and groom to respect their themes. Platinum and silver are particularly suitable for white dresses that are decorated with pearls or diamonds. The ivory and champagne tones suit golden jewelry; the goal is to give the future bride natural originality while remaining chic.

The harmonization of the adornment

For beautiful wedding trimmings, do not overload the outfit. The very sophisticated dresses are perfect with fine jewelry. For an imposing necklace, the earrings should be more discreet. Keep in mind that beautiful finery is a balanced ornament. The adornment must sublimate the dress and not make it disappear. The hairpins are in the air of time, they must also adapt to the dress not to be mismatched. The watch also comes back into fashion, but it is a burden and will require a little reflection on the usefulness of his presence or not. You can also put colors to your jewels if you have put color buttons. However, you must feel free, act according to your feeling, and do not always let yourself be dictated by the norms. We must be careful not to get lost in the mix by overloading colors. Be sober, but stay glamorous, it will be one of the most beautiful days of your life. Finally, it is essential to choose natural stones and valuable jewelry because they will be beautiful memories even after the wedding.



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