Are you confused and do not know how to choose the right saree? If yes then read this article to gather proper knowledge or guidelines about how to select the right saree. Our team has done complete research before describing 8 different steps to choose the right saree.

So scroll down and read our below-given steps to choose the right saree for your body type.

How to choose the right saree

Now we are going to elaborate 8 different steps to choose the right saree for yourself that are


If you are not selecting a saree for your wedding purpose then select a lightweight saree. Because a lightweight fabric saree is easy to carry. So if you are wearing a saree for the first time or you are wearing a saree for farewell, occasions, or party then a lightweight fabric saree will be the ideal choice for you.

Select easy to manage saree

If you want to have a saree that is easy to manage then select a silk saree because cotton material saree is tougher to manage.


You should select the saree color according to your personality. If you are someone who likes peaceful or shuttle color then you can go for light color saree. But if you are someone who does not afraid to go for bold then go for it lastly if you like darker color then select darker color saree.

If you do not have a good color option in your hand then you can select ambre shades also.


If you are going for something prints then make sure that it does not overwhelm your figure. You should select either small print saree or bigger print saree. If you want something to shuttle then you should go for something hand printed organza saree.


To select the right saree you have to select the right blouse also. To look taller you should select a blouse with the same color as your saree. But if you want to go for a different color blouse or contrasting blouse then you should go for a blouse that has a silver border. You can also go for something printed or you can go for an embroidered blouse. But if you are wearing a saree for the first time then I will tell you to enjoy the process and chat with everyone who is present.

Define your budget

Before selecting a saree, define your budget. You can discuss with your family member or close friend before defining your budget. Defining your budget is very important because if you know your budget then it will help you to select the perfect saree without wasting your all important time.


Next you should do proper research to know which saree is in trend or which is the new saree right now available in the market. Do proper research on yourself by trying many sarees infront of the mirror. After that select the saree which suits you.

Do not select saree on other opinion

If you have done the research properly then you do not need to take other’s suggestions for selecting your own saree. Because they may not know your budget, choice or taste. So without knowing your budget and choice how can they help you in selecting the perfect saree. That’s why before selecting a saree, the following two points are pretty important if you want to remain independent while selecting a saree.


Now we have come towards the ending portion of this article and that’s why we will do a quick wrap up of the whole article. We have started with a small introduction. After that we have described about eight easy steps for choosing a saree which I think will surely help you in selecting the saree as per your requirements.

So if this article has helped you in choosing the right sarees then do not forget to share this article with your friends and relatives who recently want to buy a saree.


How to look in shape in saree?

If you want to look in shape by wearing a saree then the selection of blouse really matters. If you want to look curvy in your saree then you must select collared blouses, bell shaped sleeves and high neck sleeves.

Which sarees make you look slim?

If you do not want to look fat in a saree then you should not wear a chiffon and net fabric saree. Now the question arises which material made saree should you wear to look slim in a saree? If you take my suggestion then I will say you to wear Pure georgette and Crepe Silk saree to look slim.

Does saree look good on chubby girl?

Yes saree looks good on chubby girls. Saree gives you a flowy effect rather than making your body broad or more plus sized.

How many pleats should a saree have?

Many women does the mistake of doing too many pleats which can break the total look of your saree. If you want to look good then you should keep 6-7 pleats in a saree.



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