With different colors, styles, designs, sizes, and materials, shoes give you a wide range of options to choose from.

And with so many choices available, choosing the right shoe can be complicated. You can find yourself asking questions like, “Should I go with dressy stilettos or formal ballet flats?” 

“Would casual sneakers work in and out of the office?” “What will my shoes say about my personality?”

So today, we’ll share five tips that make it easier to find the perfect pair of shoes.

1. Match your shoe type to the occasion and your dress

The occasion you’re going to is one of the most essential factors you need to keep in mind when choosing shoes. Don’t select a pair just because it is comfy and pretty. Always be mindful of the occasion and the acceptable dress code.

If you are going to a party, you might want to choose shoes that “pop”. But, if you are dressing for work, you can’t go with ‘statement’ pieces as they don’t comply with most office dress codes. Here are a few types of women’s workplace shoes you can try

Similarly, you should match your shoe type to your outfit. For example, if you’re headed to a formal event donning a dress (or skirt), high-heeled shoes are the way to go. You could also go for court shoes or ballerinas — the ultimate classics that aren’t too formal. 

If you want to get the best of both formal and casual styles, shoes with a greater emphasis on urban design might be the way to go.

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2. Be mindful of the weather

The second thing you should take into account is the weather (particularly for outdoor activities). A pair of revealing sandals will not keep you warm when walking through the snow.

When the weather is hot, on the other hand, your feet need fresh air and a sigh of relief. In that case, strappy sandals, mules, or open-toe sliders are your best bet.

Also, when you put together outfits for a certain season, some shoes will naturally present themselves and go well with your ensemble — such as knee-high boots with a fluffy jumper.

On the other hand, some shoe forms are suitable all year (depending on the type of activity/occasion) — court shoes and Mary Janes are good examples.

3. Know your body type

Together with your clothes, shoes play their part in enhancing certain body features, which is why it’s important to consider your body type before choosing a pair. 

If your body is pear-shaped, you’d want to wear shoes that elongate your legs and make them seem thinner. Pointed face heels or squared-toed shoes do this job well.

For someone with an hourglass body shape, it’s important to maintain a balanced silhouette. In that case, your top will determine the best shoe type for you. If you are wearing a heavy top, chunkier shoes with lots of color and detail will do the job.

If you have a different body shape, use this guide to find yourself an appropriate pair of shoes.

4. Choose colors wisely

Once you have factored in the event, weather, and your body type, it is time to choose what color will suit your outfit.

When it comes to dressing up, it is generally a good idea to match your outfit with your skin and hair color.

However, there is one exception to this general rule: the further an item is from your face, the less important it becomes that it matches your skin. 

This gives you a lot of room to try and experiment with different shoe colors. But remember that extra bold or unusual colors will restrict you to a few outfit options, so they might not be a good idea.

So, what colors should you wear?

For neutral outfits, your go-to colors are black or nude. If you are wearing a colorful dress or skirt, you might want to wear colorful shoes so they don’t look out of place. Plus, bright colors are easy to pair with most casual outfits.

For a party or formal event, try wearing metallic colors like bronze, silver, and gold. These colors add that missing sparkle to your outfits, make them look elegant, and elevate your overall style.

5. Pay attention to the details

First, keep in mind that the details take your shoe game to the next level. For example, a plain pair of black high heels will never go out of style. But if you add some studs or rhinestones for a bit of glamour, they’ll become eye-catching. Shoes with embellishments or sparkly details are great for parties and special events as they make you stand out.

Secondly, shoe details can help you better leverage their function. For instance, a pair of boots with extra support around the ankle might be a better option for walking long distances than a pair without the extra support. 

The same goes for little details like zips and buttons on some shoes. If you think they will get in your way when walking, choose a more flexible and comfortable pair.



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