Choosing a hair extension can be hard as there are several different styles available. You get to choose from a myriad of options that all seem versatile and alluring. The variety of color, style, volume, and length makes all the difference when you choose the best hair extensions for yourself. It is essential to choose the one most ideal for yourself as the look and feel at the end depends on certain details and factors you need to take into account. Here are some factors that you must keep in mind while you choose the best hair extension for yourself.

U-Tip, I-Tip, Clip-In, Tape-In – Different Hair Extension Types Explained

1. Material

There are mainly two types of extensions available in the market: extensions made from real human hair or synthetic hair.

Human hair extensions look more natural and blended with your hair compared to synthetic hair extensions although the former is a bit on the expensive side. Human hair extensions are made from top to bottom, using real human hair as suggested by the name and hence provide a more realistic look. In contrast, synthetic hair extensions are made of artificial, fine-blended fibers. The plastic imitates natural human hair as closely as possible but lacks the texture and look.

2. Quality

Always go for a product that is high quality. Hair extensions from one of the major brands like Perfect Locks are designed to last longer if taken care of in the right manner. Human hair extensions are of better quality compared to an extension made using synthetic hair.

Although synthetic hair extensions do the trick, the quality, feel and long-term usage provided by human hair extensions are unmatchable. So unless you have a strict budget, it’s highly advised to go for quality human hair extensions.

3. Look and Texture

There is no doubt that extensions made from human hair have a better texture and feel compared to synthetic hair extensions. As these extensions use real human hair, the blending in and final look is closer to your real hair which will only make your look all the more natural and realistic. Synthetic hair is somewhat stiff and has a coarse texture so the final look is not as uniform and natural.

4. Treatments and Styling

Human hair extensions, since they are made from real hair, can easily handle the styling done on natural hair. You can bleach, curl, straighten or dye these hair extensions just as you would with your own natural hair. Yes, that’s right — you can use heat styling products too.

But doing such treatments and styling on synthetic hair will damage them permanently, so you need to be very careful while dealing with extensions made from synthetic hair. Additionally, synthetic hair cannot be bleached or dyed so experimenting with different colors is out of the question.

5. Perfect Color Match

This is one of the most important things you must keep in mind while buying hair extensions. Whether synthetic or human hair, try to buy an extension type that matches your hair color as closely as possible. Perfect color matching would mean a better blend and a more natural-looking finish with a seamless result. If you fail to find a perfect match for your natural hair color, you can always buy human hair extensions and dye them accordingly.

With synthetic hair, however, you cannot make a lot of adjustments or styling. Properly styled hair can enhance your overall look and give a positive boost to your confidence. That’s not to say, you can’t try new colors. But try and keep them as close to your natural hair color as possible.


Taking these tips into account, you can be sure of your decision as you go ahead and spend money on hair extensions. These are important investments and if treated in the right manner, these extensions can last you a long time.


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