The ageless mysticism and beauty of Celtic design work wonderfully as that ultimate symbol of love – The Wedding Ring!

A beautifully handcrafted Celtic wedding ring has always been appealing to engaged couples. But choosing the right Celtic wedding ring isn’t as simple as it first sounds- Handcrafted Celtic wedding rings come in a variety of designs and precious metals.  

If you have your heart set on a Celtic wedding ring for the big day, then you have come to the right place – This guide walks you through everything you need to know to choose the perfect Celtic wedding ring!

All that glitters is not gold

While gold remains the precious metal of choice for many types of wedding rings, the beautiful intricacies of Celtic designs lend themselves wonderfully to many precious metals and blends of metals.


The enduring qualities of gold have made this the metal of choice for wedding rings of all types for centuries. With Celtic wedding rings, it is no different, gold is a metal that can truly enhance the delicacy of Celtic design.

Both white and yellow gold are popular choices for Celtic wedding rings. The choice here is purely a matter of taste. However, if you are struggling to choose or you and your partner want identical rings, and both have different preferences, then why not consider both!

Celtic wedding rings that combine both yellow and white gold look absolutely stunning and help to accentuate the design.


With the way the world is at the moment, we are all having to tighten our purse strings. Luckily, silver Celtic wedding rings are the perfect option for those on tighter budgets.

Silver Celtic wedding rings look stunning, and although they may take a bit more work to retain their shine over the years, they bring the beauty of Celtic design to your wedding for a fraction of the cost.

Decide if you need gemstones or diamonds

Celtic wedding rings look fabulous without any embellishments. However, for that extra element of beauty, many couples opt for a ring with inlaid gemstones. These can truly highlight the intricacy of the design and add some eye-catching beauty to the ring.

While any gemstone will enhance a Celtic wedding ring, common choices include the ever-popular diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

What design is best for a Celtic Wedding Ring?

There are countless varieties of Celtic designs to choose from. So many that listing them all here would be impossible. However, listed below are some of the most popular choices for Celtic Wedding Rings.

The Celtic Knot

The symbolism of tying the knot by exchanging rings that encompass the beauty of a Celtic knot has made this an ever-popular choice for married couples-to-be.

The Lover’s Knot

Even more relevant is Celtic Wedding Rings which feature the “lover’s knot” in their design. This features two intertwined Celtic knots that symbolise the eternal joining of two souls – It is easy to understand why this is so popular with engaged couples.

The Celtic Cross

The symbolism of the Celtic cross as a representation of compassion, knowledge, and strength makes the Celtic cross a popular choice fr Celtic wedding rings.

Claddagh Design

Another Celtic Wedding Ring that is rich in symbolism is the Claddagh design. Claddagh rings feature two clasped hands as a symbol of friendship, a heart to symbolise love and a crown to represent loyalty. All essential components for a strong marriage.

The Ogham Alphabet

The ogham alphabet is the oldest form of writing in Ireland. The alphabet is sometimes known as the tree alphabet because it comprises a design of horizontal lines that intersect a vertical “trunk”. For couples wanting to personalise their rings with a name or message of love, the ogham alphabet is perfect.


The timeless beauty of Celtic designs makes them perfect for those looking for a wedding ring with that “extra-something.” The wide choice of designs, materials, and budget means there really is a Celtic Wedding ring for every couple.

We hope this guide helps you to select the perfect ring to make the big day truly sparkle.



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