Climate change and the temperature changes that have come along have increased the demand for sun protection creams and fabrics. People prefer to use sunscreens to block UV rays from the sun, which can cause skin cancer. 

Have you ever questioned if sunscreens are the best way to protect yourself from the sun?

Apparently not; there are better ways to prevent your skin from the harsh sunburn rays, such as a shoulder wrap

Continue reading and learn more about this fancy piece of sun cover along with its benefits.

How Do Shoulder Wraps Work?

Shoulder shawls or wraps are worn to prevent one’s skin from the harmful cancer-causing rays of the sun. But how is it possible?

It is plausible to question how a piece of fabric can prevent UV rays and how to know its effectiveness. The answer is quite simple; a shoulder wrap is made of tightly knitted fabrics, preventing the sun rays from harming you.

Tightly woven or woven fabrics provide a large coverage area because the gaps between the threads are small. As a result, less UV radiation travels through the fabric and protects the skin.

Additionally, there is a factor for determining the efficacy of sun protective fabrics- UPF. The quantity of UVA and UVB radiation that can pass through the fabric and onto your skin is measured by the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF).

Read to know more about UPF.

Is UPF More Effective than SPF?

Sunburn protection is measured using the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) standards. SPF, the benchmark for determining the efficacy of sunscreens, has been around for a long time. 

The UPF system is a comparatively new term, and it was explicitly coined for indicating the sun-protection capacity of different fabric materials.

Even if they have SPF as high as 100, Sunscreens cannot compete with sun-protective fabrics. It is so because the fabric remains intact and closer to the skin throughout the day while the lotions and creams cannot. 

So, one can say that UPF is more effective than SPF.

With that being said, continue to learn some practical tips before buying your shoulder wraps or covers.

Tips For Buying Shoulder Wraps

Now that you know somewhat UPF is and how shoulder wraps work, let’s look at some tips for buying them.

  • Buy dark colors as they provide better UV protection and prevent UV rays from reaching the skin.
  • Make sure to check the thickness of the shoulder wraps’ fabric. UV rays are kept to a minimum by using thicker textiles.
  • Keep in mind that spandex, polyester, and methyl microfibre are the best fabric materials and have the highest absorption rates.
  • Look for a wrap with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+, which provides 98 per cent radiation blockage and significantly protects your skin.
  • Research the store credentials and reviews properly before buying. You can ask for references from your friends and family. 

Summing Up

It is essential to use sunscreens and sun protective fabrics as it is always better safe than sorry. 

However, you can never go wrong with additional cover in the form of shoulder wrap and sun sleeves.

Although a shirt, jeans, and hat can provide excellent sun protection, areas such as your hands, neck, and face are still vulnerable to UV rays. Hence, it is best to buy good sun protective fabrics for that full 360 degrees of protection.



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