CBD oil has become incredibly popular in recent years. Many companies boast that it can heal a wide array of ailments. In fact, there are numerous purported benefits for your skin. However, prior to trying CBD for your skin, it is important to evaluate the research and see which skin benefits are truly possible. This will help you to decide if it is an ideal choice for your skin or if you may need something different, depending on the skin issue you are wanting to improve.


Every year, an estimated 50 million people in the US experience acne. There is some evidence to show that CBD could have a positive impact on this skin condition. Some studies show that the application of a cream that contains CBD could help to reduce inflammation and overactive sebum production, two issues that contribute to the development of breakouts.

Improved Stress-Related Eczema

Some people with eczema can experience flareups of their condition during times of acute anxiety and stress. This is due to such events causing an increase in cortisol in the body, a type of hormone.

One study looked at PTSD and how CBD may help to improve it. It was suggested that it may have a positive effect. By alleviating stress and anxiety, the negative effects on eczema, and other conditions that can affect your skin, such as certain autoimmune disorders, may also be reduced.

General Eczema

Some people have eczema that is not related to stress. Dr. Robert Dellavalle, a University of Colorado researcher, theorizes that CBD may become an effective alternative to steroids when it comes to alleviating the inflammation and related effects associated with eczema.

With topical application, Dr. Dellavalle thinks that CBD could help to reduce the incidence of the skin patches and rashes that eczema can cause. It might also be beneficial for reducing the amount of itching that these lesions can produce, making an eczema outbreak both last for a shorter period of time and cause fewer symptoms.

Sleep-Related Skin Issue Improvement

When you are not getting enough sleep, it is not uncommon for you to look paler and for your skin to be dull. When you are asleep, your skin is actively at work repairing itself, so lack of sleep can disrupt this important process.

For some people, chronic insomnia can negatively impact their skin’s hydration, resulting in dry skin that is more vulnerable to damage. Acne is another possible consequence of chronic insomnia.

As of right now, scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how much of a positive impact CBD can have on sleep. However, there is some evidence to suggest that at high doses, it may reduce insomnia so that you can sleep and allow your skin to restore itself. This seems to be especially true for those who experience insomnia due to anxiety.

Slowed Skin Aging

Most people do not want to age, especially prematurely. One of the cells that make up the skin is the basal cell. This cell is believed to rely on CB1 receptors for healthy regeneration. It is thought that CBD may help to regenerate this type of skin cell when it acts on this receptor. There is also some research that indicates that CBD can reduce inflammation, a major contributor to the skin’s aging process.

Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a chronic condition that causes scaly plaques to appear on the skin. Not only can these have a negative impact on your confidence, but they also tend to be itchy, making them very uncomfortable to deal with.

One study showed that CBD may help to inhibit keratinocytes from being produced excessively. Keratinocytes are a type of skin cell that result in the formation of the plaques that occur with psoriasis. By inhibiting their production, the theory is that a person with psoriasis could either have fewer outbreaks or the plaques that do occur could be less severe.

Treating Skin Pain

A variety of conditions can actually cause the skin to hurt. Fibromyalgia is one of these conditions and it affects an estimated six to 12 million people in the US.

One animal study looked at how CBD could impact skin pain when applied topically. It was determined that it helped to reduce both inflammation and pain. While this study was performed on rats, it does show some promise for CBD in humans.

Fighting Skin Cancer

CBD may help to fight against the cancer cells related to skin cancer. The research is still very preliminary, so it is important that all people who suspect that they have skin cancer see their doctor right away.

The preliminary research shows that via CB2 receptor interaction, CBD might help to kill cancer cells. It may help with melanoma, as well as other types of skin cancer.

Before using CBD oil for your skin, it is important that you choose the right brand. It should be high in quality so that you reap the most benefits. Marathon og is very popular in the market today you can get it in legitimate stores online. It is also important that you talk to your doctor if you are currently using any medications to treat facial skin conditions.

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