As we head into the Summer of 2022, the weather is beginning to warm up, which means that it’ll soon be time for those summer outfits to make their first appearance of the year. The jumpers, jeans, and jackets of spring will give way to lighter garments such as shirts, shorts, skirts, and blouses, perfect for keeping the airflow consistent and exposing a bit of skin after a long winter under thick clothing. 

For many, it’s simply a case of opening up the wardrobe and reaching to the back to dust off our summer items, which are ready for another year of fading in the sun – but for those interested in fashion and keeping up with current trends, these clothes are well, well past their use-by date.

As with every new season, every clothing manufacturer and designer, from budget brands all the way through to cutting edge designers such as Gucci and YSL, have put their best minds to task in order to capture the imagination of consumers. However, with platforms such as Depop and eBay proving hugely popular amongst younger people due to lower prices and eco-conscious recycling, there is more competition than ever.

Bold Colors 

In a world where people continue to express themselves in an ever more confident and free manner, bold colors maintain their popularity as a way to show off how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. 

Using bright colors in jumpers and dresses shows off that the wearer is not afraid to make themselves a presence, as well as accentuating the lively areas of our personalities that they want to share with others. 

While there’s nothing wrong with blacks and greys, which communicate their own messages when worn, summer is the time for bright and cheerful colors such as yellows, pinks, and oranges.


As mentioned previously, the vintage revolution continues, especially amongst younger people – shopping vintage provides a whole host of benefits not only to the user but to the wider ecosystem as a whole. To ensure that you get the very best opportunity to find vintage clothing, your best bet is to do so online. Get a high-quality laptop – often, gaming laptops are the best option here due to their speeds – and set it up in your room with easy access to all the vintage shops, eCommerce businesses, and Pinterest boards to find what you need. The bonus is that you’ve got a laptop for all your other hobbies too! If you don’t know how to set up your station, take a look at what you need for a Gaming Computer Setups and decide whether you need all of that – several screens may come in handy when shopping for all your clothes or that laptop bag could allow you to shop on the go. 

Much has been said and written about ‘fast fashion’ in recent years, namely the fact that cheap, polyester garments with a very short shelf life are clogging up landfills, rivers, oceans, and other biomes across less-developed nations where the Western world’s clothes go to die.

Every garment that is bought through vintage not only often helps bedroom sellers and curators rather than big corporations but also incentivizes these big corporations to produce less cheap clothing.


Y2K, which refers to the Year 2000, is still firmly in as summer moves into view. Y2K fashion has a symbiotic relationship with vintage, as the resurgence in popularity of styles that were common around the turn of the millennium means that there is more demand than ever for reused and recycled clothing.

Y2K fashion can assume many forms but typically is made up of grungy, minimalist styles that include loose-fitting tracksuits and low-waisted jeans.



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