Who doesn’t like hoodies? Everybody has had a major hoodie crush once in a lifetime. What if I told you that there are several hoodie styles that would suit any of your mood or style cravings? There are many types of hoodies available but independent trading company unisex hoodie is one of the best hoodies to buy. Let’s explore them and find the right one for your mood this season.

Hoodies Styles

9 Cool Hoodies Styles You Should Try

1. Baja Hoodies or Shrug Hoodies

This is certainly not your regular hoodie, it is more like a fashion statement. They are made of soft wool woven into a hipster style. The softness of these hoodies makes them the most comfortable yet stylish of all kinds of hoodies. They are available in shrug form as well as in jacket form. They are available in both male and female variants.

Want to be warm under the comfort of a hoodie and also be trendy in your avatar? Baja hoodies are the ones for you.

2. Insignia PPE Hoodie

The Insignia PPE Hoodie is labeled as perfect for the cold weather. The polyester material is engineered to keep your body temperature at a constant for maximum heat retention. It also has a liner that keeps you comfortable and dry, thus creating the perfect jacket for this winter season. A lot of people associate hoodies with a religious or spiritual inclination. This isn’t far from correct because hoodies have broad appeal. One smaller detail is that they can offer some serious practicality and comfort to the wearer. Spiritual clothes always look so stylish and show off sophisticated mindfulness. Having spiritual clothes that fit your personality is invaluable. If you are new to the spiritual path and want to start wearing the type of spiritual clothes that represent your favorite feel-good vibes, here from anothen.com you can easily buy them.

3. Customized Gamer Hoodies

A gamer customized hoodie is a perfect way to show off your gaming style. It can be anything from something that is plain and basic to something with lots of personalities. The most important thing about a gamer customized hoodie is the design though. It can be something that references your favorite games or just has a cool design. Some popular designs for this type of jacket include Siege Six video game characters and anime characters.

4. Dashiki Hoodies

Dashiki is a traditional African style that is adopted in men’s and women’s dashiki dress, tops, shrugs and many more. It has traditional print or embroidery which adds swag to the garment. The good news is that swag is now available in the form of a dashiki hoodie.

Yes, you heard it right. These hoodies have a shoulder and the upper front part printed with dashiki print. They come in a slim fit and also in plus-size variants. They are a swag keeper! They keep the mood artsy and colorful. Go grab one now and let the hipster in you shine!

5. Fur Hoodies

A soft and luxurious fur around your neck and hoodie to keep you warm in the cold winter winds, who doesn’t like that? Fur hoodies are designed to make you look ravishing and luxurious. In fact, some of them have fur in the whole inside area. Sounds comfy right?

These are basically artificial fur but don’t feel less like the real ones. Neutral colors like black, beige and brown are generally worn as fur hoodies; but you can go for bright colors like maroon, white, and blue too.

6. Slim Fit Hoodies

Hoodies are often visualized as a plus-size outfit that is meant for warmth and comfort. But there is another side to it. Hoodies have become a style statement and you can flaunt your body in it too if you wish. Slim Fit Hoodies comes into the picture for that.

They are available in chain style and also in a stylish button jacket style. The former one suits best for casual wear, while the latter one has a style attached to it like a sleek and glamorous party type.

7. Zip-Up Hoodies

I have seen many people struggling with this dilemma. Whether to take the liberty of having a chain attached to your sweatshirt or the style of a hoodie with a pocket in front. If you are the one who belongs to the first category, then you must be opting for zip-up hoodies.

Zip-Ups add just the right style you want in your hoodies. They are available in almost all colors, variants, and styles.

8. Hooded Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts have lived their trend enough and ruled the market enough. Now it’s time for something innovative. These hooded sweatshirts have trended so fast that almost everyone has them. It’s the simplest and the most casual hoodie of all. The material is regular and these hoodies are thus cheap.

They are sweatshirts loaded up with a head-fitting hood. They have usability just like a sweatshirt.

9. Designer Hoodies

Bored of all the plain hoodie styles in your wardrobe? Check out these designer hoodie styles available. A print separating upper and lower parts, a print with a message inscribed, a print with Chinese design, a print with trendy symbols, choose from this large variety for your hoods. They give you a style according to your personality.

These are even customizable. Customize your own hoodie and make that boring old hoodie reusable in a designer way.


There are plenty of styles available for hoodies. When you are exercising grab a hooded sweatshirt or a slim fit. While partying you can get a Dashiki or shrug. For casual wear, you can wear a designer or a comfy zip-up. And for your luxurious evening, you would have a fur hoodie in hand.



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