New Job? Here’s how you can get your wardrobe in order

Graduating from college and leaving the bittersweet experiences behind can be exciting and dreadful at the same time. Embarking on a new journey can have you sweating from your palms but the college carefree and casual dress attitude won’t likely work in an office environment and it’s time your wardrobe got a little organized.

After graduating, people often think they will be giving up their freedom to express themselves through the clothes they wear especially in the corporate world. They think formal or work clothes always have to be “boring”. Getting dressed for a professional setting can be very fun and not necessarily dreary. It’s quite easy to build your professional wardrobe and funk it up the way you want.

Here are a few shopping tips you should abide by to help you build a professional yet sassy wardrobe;

The Pieces that never go out of style

Before getting your hands on cute accessories you need to focus first on laying down the building blocks which means you need a few pieces of clothing that not only represent your fashion style but also look flattering on you and never go out of trend, such as a beautiful white dress. Mostly earthy and neutral tones tend to work with many different looks and give your outfit a fresh feeling rather than a plain and monotonous one. A black dress is also a must-have, as it can be useful for any occasion and you can even wear it to work!

Understanding and Implementing the Three F’s of Fashion

In order to land the spot in your new magical wardrobe, the piece of clothing must pass all the “F” stages.

  • Fabric: People who are working under a budget cannot afford clothes that always need to be dry cleaned. Try looking for a wrinkle-free fabric or the one that won’t lose its sheen when washed. You need to make sure all your clothes are always ironed though for you to look your best.
  • Fit: The fitting can either turn heads around or put you on the bottom of the fashion food chain. When an outfit is properly tailored, you automatically give very professional and regal vibes. You don’t need to get the dress tailored from the shop you got it from and pay the expensive custom prices, look up a more affordable seamstress. They’re always helpful and a great second option.
  • Feel: It’s not entirely about how you look but also how you feel. It’s possible that you’re going to be stuck working long hours at your job and it is important that what you wear should not make you uncomfortable or itch after few seconds. Apart from that, if an outfit does seem comfortable and professional but opposes your own fashion sense and is not something that represents who you are as a person, drop it.

Always remember what works for you

By the time you have graduated, you ought to know which styles and colors look flattering on you and which ones don’t so here’s considering you have some experience in knowing how to dress yourself up. With that out of the way, you probably know what your strong points and weaknesses are, for example, short girls feel way better wearing heels rather than flats so their legs look more flattering. You know if you are curvy or tall or short or petite and which type of dresses and outfits really accentuate what you want people to see and this knowledge will come in handy when you will be setting up a wardrobe for work.

Don’t invest in something that does not suit you. One flattering outfit that fits well is far better than twenty that don’t. With a job starting, first impressions really do make a difference and you ought to make that count because being self-aware and confident is going to take you places.

Never Underestimate Footwear

Apart from keeping you comfortable all day, choosing the right footwear can say a lot about you and if you want to impress the boss, you can’t take it lightly.

To play it smart, get two or three low heels in neutral tone colors that will pair well with almost all your outfits. It is important to invest in good brands because they last you many years. Better to invest once than over and over again. Always remember to wear heels that you are comfortable in. It’s never a good idea to wear something uncomfortable for 8 or 9 hours straight.

The best way to look trendy and also stay comfortable is to get some good sneakers. You can pair your Nike’s and Adidas under any dress no matter what and it would look perfect. The street style tends to look really edgy and smart when you play your cards right.

In order to make sure your shoes last you a long time, polish and clean them almost every other week since stains tend to ruin shoes faster. Shoe trees can also help them retain their shape when they aren’t being used.

Never abandon your own personal style

Getting a job doesn’t mean you start dressing yourself up in boring old clothes. Contrary to what people really believe, your boss probably isn’t looking for a robotic drone all dressed in black, grey, and white that’s devoid of personality and any shred of originality. They also want someone who gives the office a fresh and smart vibe. If you’re a cheerful and fun-loving person who loves to experiment with colors, then go for it by all means. Add one colored item to it and make it stand out for example with your black pencil skirt you can wear a nice patterned blouse or if your outfit is plain, a nice fancy brooch can really lift it up.

Accessories always bring your look together. Some earrings, a necklace, and some hairpieces to reflect who you really are or what you’re into, that’s what fashion is all about. Experiment, play, and keep your office look as fresh as you want it to be because at the end of the day no matter what job you’re at, you still have yourself first. Just because you have entered professional life, doesn’t mean that you have to always wear dark colors. You can always mix and match colors that look decent as well as brighten up your mood!