Melatonin, the chemical in the brain that fuels your internal clock, has been helping people fall asleep since the dawn of man. This hormone has now been crafted into a sleep tonic for those who are unable to produce enough naturally. However, those most in need of melatonin gummy bears are those who have myopia.

What On Earth is Myopia?

Myopia, or near-sightedness, affects roughly one-third of the American population. This condition refers to your ability to see well up-close yet not far away. This is caused by your eye improperly refracting light beams. This, in turn, causes you to focus on objects close to you but become increasingly blurry with added distance.

Near-sightedness and Sleep Deprivation

Research has concluded those with myopia also have delayed circadian rhythms. Also known as a “body clock” or “internal clock,” it’s what helps regulate your body’s timed processes. Without a properly functioning clock, your body doesn’t know when to eat, sleep, and wake up.

This is why melatonin gummy bears are pivotal in catching shut-eye. Think of melatonin as a fuel source that powers your timing. Without melatonin, your body doesn’t know what day of the week it is.  

The research went on to say that those with compromised clocks are more prone to developing myopia. Despite this knowledge, they have yet to determine why and how circadian rhythms and eyesight are linked.

What Can Disrupt Circadian Rhythms?

Even if you have 20/20 vision, other triggers can wreak havoc on your biological clock. Besides a lack of melatonin, most of all, the stimuli are external. Some of them are easier to avoid than others.

The Night Shift

Not only does working overnight take years off your life, but it also is known to ruin sleep patterns. Believe it or not, day sleeping is hard. This is because light plays a huge role in your body’s timing.

The glow of the rising sun not only warms your bones, but the light it produces is nature’s alarm clock. In our natural state, we rise and fall with the sun, sprinkled with eating in between. However, with the rise of artificial light comes the fall in quality sleep.

Blue Light

As technology keeps its hooks set in our daily lives, we must adapt around our phones, TVs, and computers. Despite how hard it may sound, limiting the use of these devices at night can go a long way toward better sleep. However, even reduced use or putting your phone in night mode may not be enough. By popping a few melatonin gummies, you may get rest faster.

Try melatonin gummy bears for Better Sleep 

Melatonin-infused gummies are the tastiest way to get quality sleep. Whether or not you have a phone addiction or work the night shift, sleep isn’t just a thing of dreams. By taking melatonin, you can retrain your body on how to regulate sleep and eating.



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