Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween is already on the horizon and everyone is looking for the craziest Halloween costume. Now when you talk about Halloween costume you can not talk about Halloween contact lenses, after all it is the eyes which do all the talking. But, choosing the right Halloween contacts is of vital importance, acquiring the wrong lens for your eyes will not only ruin your costume but it would probably damage your eyes.

It is best that you first understand the precautions, different varieties available on the market and what steps you need to take before you select the your lenses. It is best that you first learn and research and then decide on the right Halloween lenses for your costume.

There are certain steps which you need to take and keep aware of certain precautions to ensure you are getting the best product. You must follow these steps


Step 1– First get your eyes tested by a doctor

The first step to deciding the perfect Halloween contact lenses you need to get your eyes examined and tested by an eye specialist. Find an eye specialist near you and get an appointment. When you are face to face with the doctor he will ask you certain questions such as

  • Why do you want to wear lenses?
  • Your medical history
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • For how long you want to wear contact lenses

Based on the answers you give the doctor, he will then conduct a series of tests such as measuring the diameter of your pupil and eye. He/she will give you different lenses to wear and they will ask you if you are feeling comfortable with the lens you are wearing.

Once the doctor has conducted all the tests he/she will give you a prescription of what lenses you should buy.

Step 2 – Know what lens type you need to select

Keeping in mind the prescription and suggestions by the doctor you must choose the type of lens which would suit you best. There are different types of Halloween contact lenses available on the market such as soft or rigid lenses. It is not necessary that only soft lenses will feel comfortable to you, you may feel more convenient with rigid gas permeable lenses.

There are 2 prominent Halloween contact lenses types available, they are namely

  • Opaque tints – these are solid colored contacts that cover the iris completely and change the color of your eyes while you are wearing them. They work best for those who are looking to create a completely different and striking look to match with their Halloween costume.
  • Enhancement tints – these are also solid tints and cover the iris but they are translucent and they do not change the color of the eye but enhance the natural color eye. They give a more vibrant shade to your eyes. Increasing the beautiness of your eyes will help you rock that Halloween costume

Then there are lenses which can be used for only a single time, for a fortnight, monthly or 90 days. Choose wisely.

Step 3 – Know how to care for your contact lenses

It is important that you know how to care for your contact lenses, especially if you are selecting lenses that can be worn for more than one day. Keep them cleaned with disinfectant.

Step 4 – Get your Lenses from Trusted Dealers

When you go out to get your chosen lenses, always go for dealers that are certified and selling products that are cleared by higher authorities. Whether it is an online store or a physical store, research about their reputation. Do not compromise on the quality of the product you are buying.


There are certain important tips which you must remember when you get your favorite lenses.

  • Make sure you have bought the same lens type which matches the description of your prescription
  • Always keep your lenses in the storage with the disinfectant solution
  • Always wear the lens after applying the makeup and remove the first thing you do after coming home from a party.
  • Only use the lens for the recommended time and not over

Follow these tips to ensure safety.


Halloween contact lenses or any regular contact lenses, all of them are medical devices and must be used with proper precautions.

There are certain things you absolutely need to take care of

  • Never share your lenses with anyone, they are your personal things that are not to be shared with anyone friends, or family.
  • If you think your lens is damaged or torn, dispose of it immediately.
  • Never sleep while wearing your lenses.
  • If by accident, you have slept with them, consult with a doctor first thing in the morning
  • Use a rewetting solution before you take them off in the morning
  • If you feel any discomfort or irritation, remove the lenses immediately and go to the doctor.

Make sure you are following all these steps to ensure a safe Halloween this time around



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