There are over a million hair styling videos on the internet covering just about everything from bridal buns to street-style hair. However, most of these hairstyles require a ton of effort and time, and while all of us want to look our best, we might not always have the energy needed to put into our looks and outfits. 

You don’t always have to put hours into your hair for them to look good. You can create fab hairstyles with minimal effort if you know a few tricks.

When you are feeling particularly lazy but want to look good without working for it, given below are three lazy day hairstyles that will fit perfectly with your schedule:


  1. A Donut Bun

Think of a donut bun as an elevated and classier sister of the messy bun. While a messy bun still takes a few tries to get right, you can master a donut bun on the first try aided with a trusted hair donut. 

To create a perfect donut bun:

  •  Gather your hair into a high ponytail and thread your hair through the donut. 
  • Pull back the donut towards the end of your ponytail leaving a few inches to spare. 
  • Tuck the ends of your hair into the donut hole, and move the donut towards your scalp in a flip and rotate motion to ensure it holds onto your entire ponytail. 
  • At your scalp, adjust the donut towards the center and tuck in all flyaways, and voila! You are all set.
A Donut Bun


  1. A Low Ponytail

Yet another effortless and classy hairdo that you shouldn’t miss out on is a low ponytail. To get the perfect ponytail, place seamless hair extensions on your scalp the night before to avoid running late the next morning.

  • Flip your hair and gather them into a long ponytail while taking care that your hair extensions remain undetectable. 
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to gather your hair, and secure the ponytail with a strong hair tie. 
  • To achieve a seamless hairdo, use a half-inch weft of clip-in hair extensions to go around the hair tie to hide your hair tie.
A Low Ponytail


  1. A Scarf Tie-Up
A Scarf Tie-Up

A scarf tie-up is ideal for days when you are feeling lazy and have greasy hair with little energy to spend on washing or cleaning them. A scarf tie-up looks pretty fancy without involving any fancy steps at all. This is a look that will take a maximum of ten minutes and was sported on the red carpet of Cannes this year by A-listers.

To create a scarf tie-up, 

  • Simply a scarf and secure your hair in a high and messy bun. 
  • Take the ends of your scarf in both hands and place its middle on the nape of your neck. 
  • Wrap the scarf around your ears to create a twist and tie to wrap into a bow. 
  • Secure the scarf with bobby pins and you will be all done.


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