The time span of the wedding will also start. And in the right way, the Honesty people take the opportunity to look nice. And the contribution to look nice is saree and makeup. There is also a small contribution to hairstyles. So it is necessary to have a concept of hairstyling as well as spring. Hears told about all hairstylists.

1.styleish double french hairstyle 


Take hair from ear to ears and divide it into two parts. Take the hair of the next part and make it puff up and pinch it. And now, make sure to get rid of the remaining hair. Now divide the hair of two back and make a French roll. And if you still have hair left, make her a small hairstyle. And after that, the next move will be made between the French roll and pin-up.

2.high fashion hairstyle

The fashion of taking a high fashion hairstyle is growing in a big way today. This type of harness is made in a very large number in India. This type of hairstyle is also known as Khajuri hairstyle. So now we will learn about how this hairstyle can be made and its steps.

The first made in a lift The pane. Take all the hair to the ear and make a pony. And now let’s turn some hairs from it and turn it into a rounded pony. And now make a khazuri hairstyle from them. So on From all the hair Fish Plate Making From behind Go make a hair. So you can create high fashion hair. His Types of hair creat by wedding lady. rolls hairstyle


This type of hairstyle you can make at the party’s time. And his types of hair is very famous in his time. Large of no Bollywood stars make in his types of hairstyle. So We will now learn more about this type of hairstyle.

His type of hair making steps

Pour all the hair together and make the ponytail barely high. And then divide this made Ponytail into three parts. So you can make these hair styling easily. After that, go to the three-digit hair one by one back-combice. So make a roll rather than a back compartment, pin it in rounded. And then finally spray the hairspray and set the hairstyle.


Thus we give you the above-mentioned different hair styling. At the time of marriage or any type of party. Thus, any kind of party can be made at the time of marriage or after party. And the different hairstyles we mentioned have to be very famous. And that’s why we find people searching for all such hairstyles and putting them on our website.

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