It’s hard to deny that beachy waves and glossy curls are beautiful, but sometimes you just want the beauty and minimalism of straight hair. 

Because only one out of every twelve hair types are genuinely straight, most women must resort to numerous hair straightening treatments to acquire this look.

From keratin hair straightening to Japanese Straightening, we are going to discuss the 5 best hair straightening treatments. 

Permanent vs. Non-Permanent Straightening

If you’ve ever straightened your hair with a hot tool, you’re well aware that the straightening won’t persist through your next shower. 

However, permanent straightening allows you to keep your hair looking great for up to six months after it has been straightened.

Perms will not permanently straighten your curls, but they will allow you to wear straight hair for several lunar cycles.

1. Keratin Hair Straightening

Keratin straightening, often known as a Brazilian Blowout, is one of the most popular straightening methods. 

Keratin treatments are intended for those who wish to preserve part of their natural waves or curls while aiming for glossier, healthier-looking locks. 

They are designed to smooth and tame hair rather than entirely straighten it.

Another process to perform in the salon is this one. The process involves rinsing hair with a solution of keratin and other proteins and chemicals, then blow-drying and straightening the strands. 

Shorter drying times, simpler styling, more shine, and less frizz are some of the benefits. Straightening of this type is semi-permanent.

The best aspect of a keratin procedure is that hair gradually returns to its normal structure, and the method can be reapplied without causing hair damage. 

Keratin treatments, in fact, produce superior outcomes with regular use. While it isn’t the most affordable treatment, it will last roughly six months, particularly if you use keratin-infused sulfate-free hair products thereafter.

2. Japanese Straightening (Thermal Reconditioning)

Japanese straightening is a flattening and nourishing treatment that uses both chemicals and heat to achieve a permanently changed hair structure. 

Protein connections in the hair are released and then reformed by hair cells during a Japanese straightening treatment. 

There are a lot of steps in this procedure and it can take up to six or eight hours. 

You’ll also need to return to the salon for the final phase after a few days for an hour or so. This treatment, on the plus side, lasts roughly six to seven months. 

This procedure, as great and long-lasting as it seems, can be quite detrimental to hair in the long term, so think about it carefully.

3. Using a Flat Iron to Straighten Hair

Straightening your hair with a flat iron may be the quickest and cheapest approach to acquire sleek hair at home, but it is not permanent and must be done regularly to maintain smooth hair. 

It’s quick and less intimidating than “chemical therapy” to straighten hair at home, but frequent straightening is pretty harmful, and burnt hair is never a pleasure to deal with.

To reduce the damage, use a heat protection spray anytime you reach for the instruments, use safe hair straighteners, and follow the appropriate process, avoiding going over the same region numerous times.

Additionally, wherever feasible, try to have some heat-free days.

4. Rebonding Of The Hair

Chemical hair treatments such as rebonding can make your hair straighter, shinier, and sleek. 

The natural hair structure is broken with a cream or relaxing softener, then re-bonded with a neutralizer. 

Rebonding is perfect for those who have trouble controlling their wavy or thick hair, but as hair begins to grow in, the procedure is plainly visible. 

As popular as it is, should only be done once in a while because it might weaken and break hair.

5. Straightening Chemicals (Hair Relaxing)

Hair relaxing, often known as chemical straightening, is the act of dissolving protein connections in the hair. 

Curly or wavy hair becomes straight when a particular number of connections are broken. But as basic as that may appear, a professional’s execution of it is crucial to its success.

For instance, if too many links are destroyed, your hair will become limp, but if not enough are broken, your hair will not straighten.

Final Words:

So, this was all about the best hair straightening treatments that you can choose from. 

Be it keratin hair straightening or any other method, make sure to focus your hair’s health and how you feel while straightening or embracing its natural style. 

When it comes to straightening your hair, it’s all about how healthy your hair is and how comfortable it makes you feel.



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