Men and women both suffer from hair fall and hair loss. But, the extent, diagnosis, severity, and treatment to execute the process of hair restoration are variable. In the modern lifestyle, where the number of indicators of hair loss is increasing, the individual cannot just rely on home remedies or short-term solutions to regain a full hair look. This is where the need to find a hair transplant clinic arises. But, the point which every person planning to undergo a hair transplant should know the different types of hair restoration treatment services provided by the clinic.

In fact, the problem-solving approach hair transplant surgeons employ is based on the nature of the illness the patient suffers from. Whether it is any heredity issue, stress, hormonal issue, or any other cause, the hair transplant clinic identifies the root cause of hair loss before recommending the solution. Since the hair transplant surgery is permanent, discomfort, complaints, and a chain of problems through various tests are performed in the laboratory of the best hair transplant clinic

Here are some of the hair loss conditions which are addressed at hair transplant clinics and let us understand their solution along with the scope: 

Alopecia Aerata

In the hair loss condition of Alopecia Areata, the quarter-sized bald patch is formed initially. The severity of the patch formation increases over the period of time in this patchy hair loss. At times, when the person experiences complete hair loss on the scalp, the scenario indicates the onset of Alopecia Areata Totalis. As a part of this condition, hair from other parts of the body may also be affected.

Nutritional deficiencies leading to hair loss

Due to their busy routine, most people forget the importance of a nutritious diet. Consequently, the impact of various nutritional deficiencies is realized by them when hair loss gets drastic. In addition, patchy or diffuse hair loss affects the personality of the person gradually. Whether it is a deficiency caused due to lesser protein intake, low level of iron in the body, or thyroid-related issue, hair loss caused due to the same signifies that it’s time to visit a hair transplant clinic. 

Other patchy hair loss issues

Traction alopecia and Tinea capitis are other patchy hair loss issues that turn out to be severe when they are unattended. Well, it is definite that only a qualified hair transplant surgeon can get a skin biopsy conducted in the laboratory of the clinic for hair transplant in India. After the physical examination, the type of hair loss and treatment is determined by the doctor.

Diffuse hair loss 

In diffuse hair loss, there are multiple scenarios where the individual experience varied forms of discomfort. Following are the major types of hair loss in this condition:

  • pattern alopecia
  • systemic disease-induced alopecia
  • protein malnutrition
  • drug-induced alopecia

Other Hair Loss Issues Everyone Should Know  


Some people have the impulse of pulling or twisting hair habitually. This may become a part of the routine of these people, but in the long run, eyebrows and scalp are affected due to the broken hair formation causing hair loss. Commonly known as Trichotillomania, this hair loss condition needs to be addressed timely by visiting a psychiatrist before seeking assistance from a hair transplant specialist. In the initial stage of Trichotillomania, anti-depressants or other medications addressing anxiety can be helpful in finding the solution. But, in the advanced stage, hair transplant treatment is the ultimate solution for this form of hair loss.

Tinea Capitis 

This form of hair loss is caused due to fungal infection on the scalp and is found commonly in school children. In adults, this condition may be rare, wherein, bald spots are formed accompanied by dermatitis and broken hair. If a person is unsure about the occurrence of this hair loss condition, then, get it checked from the best hair transplant clinic.

Solutions offered for hair transplant cases

Topical solutions like Minoxidil acts effectively on hair loss conditions of men who are steadily heading baldness. On the other hand, Finasteride tablet is prescribed to people suffering from hair loss but can skip the hair transplant process. Furthermore, a group of topical medications is recommended to patients for hair restoration methods. Nevertheless, people who cannot get benefitted due to these medications should find a reputable clinic that offers stellar hair transplant services. FUE, FUT, hair fiber powders, hairpieces, surgery, and other advanced laser-assisted treatments for hair restoration are determined after the diagnosis of the underlying cause of hair loss by the doctor or the hair transplant specialist. 

 In a nutshell, understanding the scope of recovery, healing, and long-term benefits offered by the top hair transplant clinic in India is essential to meeting the best trichologist or hair transplant specialist. 



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