Beautiful hair can be smooth, wavy, short, strong, or straight depending on one’s preference. Hair needs a lot of care and nourishment to look its best. However, many people make mistakes that lead to frustration when their hair does not grow as fast or does not look as good as they would like it to. In this article, we discuss some mistakes you might be making, not realising how harmful they are to your hair. 

Washing it Everyday

Too much washing is typical in the hotter months when the additional sweat, dust, and grime can make you feel like you should wash your hair every day. Excess washing and shampooing dry out hair and damage it. They also strip the scalp of essential oils that can lead to itchiness and even dandruff. 

Try to wash your hair two to three times a week. If you have to do it more than that, then it should be in a situation where the hair is so dirty that you cannot let it stay like that.

Cutting Your Hair

No one would cut their hair without knowing it, but many do so without realising the amount of damage they do when they cut it themselves. A common issue you might face if you routinely cut your own hair is split and frayed ends. 

Professional hairdressers in Bristol sharpen their scissors and other cutting instruments every day. This is to ensure the cleanest cuts as they do their jobs. You might not have sharpened the scissors you are using for months, and you might even have used them to cut other things in that time. This means they cannot cut as well as those professional hairdressers handle.

The other issue is reach. It is impossible to reach all areas of your head as well as someone standing behind you would. They have a lot more reach than you and can actually see what they are doing, something you might struggle to do with a mirror in one hand and scissors or product in another.

Instead of going through all this hassle, let a hair salon in Bristol such as the BME salon handle all your hair care needs. They will do a much better job than you ever could.

Not Using a Hair Protectant

A protectant protects your hair from the heat you apply to it. This can be through a blow dryer or other heating equipment. Such heat is very damaging to the hair, and you might not realise why your hair does not look as it should when you use heat on it without a protectant.

Brushing or Combing Wet Hair

Wet hair is a lot more flexible and thus more prone to breakage. If you have ever brushed wet hair, you might have noticed a significant amount of hair on the brush.

To avoid this, wait for your hair to dry as much as possible before brushing it. If you would like to hasten the process using heat, apply a protectant first.


Many of these hair issues are due to not having the right information or habits we have developed over time. Try to rectify them to give your hair the best chance of looking its best.



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