Healthy Hair: The Must-Follow Hair Care in Winter Season

Compared to all the seasons, the winter season demands most of our care and attention to both our body and hair. As our skin and scalp get dry and appear dehydrated, you have to replenish the moisture from time to time without ignoring.

Today, we will discuss the care you should take to your hair in the winter season. Following the mentioned tips, you can get hydrated, shiny, and healthy-looking hair without blowing your budget in hair salons.

Always prefer home remedies

By using natural ingredients at home regularly, you can find solutions to most of the hair problems. For instance, applying oil in winter will reduce the dehydration problems and provides enough moisture and nutrients to your hair. However, not all like oiling their hair or it may not suit you. so what should you do? Try some of the below tips:

  • Moisturising your hair

The best way to handle dryness is providing enough moisture to your hair and scalp. Even the persons having the oiliest scalp face dryness problem in winter. So, depending on the oiliness, you can apply coconut or almond at night and wash your hair the next morning. However, people with dandruff problems should apply oil one hour before shampooing.

When you apply oil and keep it for enough time, the oil gets absorbed into the roots and provides the moisture that your hair needs. And when your hair is loaded with oils, it doesn’t break or splits due to dryness.

  • Don’t ignore the static hair: use the dryer sheet

When you have thin strands and are damaged, they tend to rise due to the static electricity. It is the main sign that your hair has winter dryness. While you can’t do anything about thin strands, you can limit the rising. You can use an anti-static laundry dryer sheet to tame the strands. Gently, wipe your hair with the sheet for a temporary fix. Of course, the permanent solution would be to treat your dryness.

  • Washing hair too often? Decrease the frequency

Excess shampooing washes away the extra nutrients and oils that are necessary to keep your hair hydrated in the winter season. So, if you have a habit of doing a head bath daily, then limit the frequency to 2-3 times a week. This will lock the moisture for a few more days and your hair doesn’t look too dull or damaged.

  • Limit the use of heat styling

Don’t treat your hair anything that removes the moisture. That includes using heat styling products. Whether you’re straightening or curling – no extra heat should touch your hair. Keep your hair natural and use conditioner after shampooing to tame the irregular strands. If you’re preparing for a special occasion, then take help from the top hairstylist for styling your hair. Or If possible, tie your hair into a messy bun instead of leaving the hair open too often. This helps to lock the moisture instead of it evaporating.

  • Don’t forget to dry your hair after head bath

It’s essential to dry your hair completely after you do the head bath. If not, the cool air outside expands the wet root shaft which leads to hair dryness, breakage, and fading of the colour. Always plan in a way that you’re allocating enough time for shampooing and drying. If you don’t have the time, modify your routine, and do ahead bath at night time so that you have ample time for drying.

  • Say yes to a deep conditioning mask: once a week

Winter washes away the moisture, and you have to replenish it by taking some care. So, at least, once a week, give yourself time for a deep conditioning hair mask. It protects your hair and can reverse the effects of damage caused by dryness to your hair. There are several benefits of using hair masks such as hair softening, hydrating, increasing growth, giving shine, and fighting the infections on your scalp. You can go to hairdressers for this, or if not you can make a mask at home using natural and chemical-free ingredients.

  • Opt for dark colouring shades

No one likes to go out of style just because the weather is not allowing you to. If you are a person who likes to colour your hair, then opt for dark colouring shades rather than the light ones. Dark shades not only look better in winters but also they limit the number of times you’ve to bleach. Which means there will be no stripping of the excess moisture. So, try new shades in dark colours and see how they elevate you in cold winters.

  • Drink water, water, and water

Don’t ignore drinking water even though you don’t feel like it. Stay hydrated internally and drink plenty of fluids in the form of juices, etc. When your body is hydrated, it provides moisture internally to all of your body parts, including your hair. So, keep a record of what you’re drinking and see that you are taking fluids sufficient for your body.

Flaunt Your Hair This Winter

By taking extra care and giving attention to your hair is enough to flaunt your hair in dry winters. It’s possible when you take time out of yourself from your busy schedule. Also, covering your hair with a woolen cap, using a dehumidifier do the trick in keeping dryness at bay. So, follow the simple tips mentioned above and get shiny and healthy hair in these winters.

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