Since the invention of the camera in the 1800s, it wasn’t long till people started documenting their lives and creating stories & portraits through pictures. Soon enough, people wanted to capture the most special day of their lives, whether a wedding, birthday party or special event. Today, it is a full-fledged business practice to hire people to take photos that are perfect for you. As with any creative application with much thought as a prerequisite to creating quality, it is important to distinguish fact from fiction. So how will you know that you are getting the best content for your precious memories? Don’t worry; read along for a guide to getting a good photographer in Toronto for weddings.    

What is wedding photography and videography? 


Wedding photography is a specialty of photography that focuses mostly on documenting wedding-related occasions and activities. Other photographic techniques that are utilized to capture images of the couple before their wedding day may be included.


Wedding videography is a type of video production that records a wedding. A wedding video is the standard name for the finished result of the videographer’s documentation. The phrase “wedding movie” or “wedding film” is also used to describe it.

Beyond simply recording weddings, wedding videography has evolved. Most wedding videographers now describe their services by including the word “event” and not just “wedding.” This is because they are not just for weddings but for everyone who needs their services. It’s an occasion!

Why do we use these photographers?


Weddings can sometimes be large unless you are eloping, but what do you know, there are photographers for that too. To arrange for the size and the delicate details of weddings, they will likely take pictures of an engagement shoot before the wedding (pictures are later used for the couple’s wedding invites). Additionally, on the wedding day, the photographer(s) will take the time to capture portraits and documentary photography coverage to record the various wedding traditions and festivities. There are many services provided with just the photography itself, too, like customization, photo albums and good quality production of the pictures.


Starting when you get engaged and propose to the sensuality of bridal marriage. A videographer will work tirelessly in pre and post-production to make a love story documentary you want. A wedding highlight video typically lasts 3 to 12 minutes and showcases the most memorable parts of the wedding day. You can edit a highlight video in a linear or non-linear way. A highlight video that chronologically presents the events of the day is referred to as a linear highlight video. A non-linear highlight film focuses on presenting stories, so speeches and video clips may occasionally be shown out of order to create a compelling narrative. The choice is yours, and you can later upload the video for your family to watch on social media. It’s a great investment. 

What to expect after paying for this service? 

It depends on who you choose as your photographer for your event. Read about their reviews and research their photos to find a great provider. You can search Toronto videographers or photographers in Toronto for weddings as a starting point and build a repertoire.  If all you want is a photographer who cares about weddings in general and likes the moments in weddings and taking great snapshots, what more can you ask for? Otherwise, some professionals customize your photographer to your every need and give flawless service with precision to every detail. You won’t even know there was someone taking photos at your wedding. 

Photographers for Toronto Weddings will provide extra services that can be especially helpful with planning a wedding. Read some blogs on photographers’ websites for better insights into the rich world of wedding planning.  

Hopefully, this post will help you find a Toronto videographer or photographer and give you a happily ever after.



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