Pearl necklaces are exquisite and timeless jewellery choice that has been admired for centuries and for a good reason. They are generally made by using silk thread adorned with pearls of different shapes, sizes, colours and quality. The precious pearls are strung on the silk threads, which are known for their beauty and strength. Between each pearl, small knots are inserted to separate the pearls from one another and increase the flexibility of the necklace, making it comfortable to fashion around the neck. 

Pearl necklaces can be styled with both formal and casual attires due to their versatility. They add a sense of sophistication to any look and make great gifts for dear ones. However, buying an Akoya pearl necklace can be a challenging task for beginners who are not sure of the various styles available, the quality factors and shopping considerations. Therefore it is important to understand what you are buying so that the process becomes much easier and enjoyable.

Types of Pearls

Types of Pearls, Akoya Pearl Necklace

A cream-coloured necklace with a soft and classic strand of pearls glowing with the inner light is surely captivating, and that is what the Darpan Mangatrai Akoya pearl necklace is. However, before plunging into the glorious world of pearls, it is significant to understand the types of pearls available. 

Pearls are found naturally and can also be cultured in controlled environments. With the advancement of time, there has been an increase in fashion enthusiasts who are embracing pearl Antique Jewellery Designs, creating a buzz everywhere.  Pearls have become a powerful symbol of sophistication and status, leading to a fashion revolution featuring the cultured and classic Akoya pearl. 

There are five different types of cultured pearls available –

Akoya Pearls – These pearls are formed in the Akoya oyster and hence got their name as Akoya pearls. These are the first pearls that were ever cultivated and have the highest lustre and shine among all the cultured pearls. 

Hanadama Pearls – These pearls are considered extra fine and feature the highest pearl lustre of all cultured pearls. Hanadama means flower pearl and has pastel pink hues. These pearls are brighter and more iridescent and portray a prettier appearance.

Freshwater Pearls – These pearls are created using freshwater mussels. They are the most frequently produced pearls. Therefore, these pearls are in high demand and these pearl types are used in designing pieces of jewellery. They offer a remarkable range of shapes, sizes and colours.

South Sea Pearls – These are produced by the largest pearl-producing oyster called Pinctada maxima. These pearls are the most sought-after pearls because they are rarest, having a warm lustre and large size. 

Tahitian Pearls – Tahitian pearls are organic gems formed in the black-lip oyster. Having a natural black colour these pearls are exotic and unmistakably vibrant. These pearls are perfectly round in shape, displaying a brilliant lustre and are larger than other cultured pearls. 

Understanding Akoya Pearl Quality

When it comes to Akoya jewels, understanding the quality of the pearl is essential to make an informed purchase. The pearls are graded from A to AAA on a grading scale where A represents a commercial grade, and AAA represents the best quality pearls. For the pearls to be graded from A to AAA, the following attributes are taken into consideration – 

  • Luster
  • Colour
  • Origin
  • Matching
  • Pearl size
  • Symmetry of Shape

The Akoya pearl price varies according to the grade of the pearl, and so is the lustre. 

Necklace Styles

Akoya necklaces are available in various styles, and each style has its exclusive feel and unique appearance. The following are some of the necklace styles to consider adding to your jewellery collection – 

The Princess Length Pearl Necklace Set – This necklace is an elegant piece that suits everyone. The pearl strand can be of various lengths ranging from 17 to 19 inches, which makes the necklace fall just below the collarbone. This necklace transitions in all types of attire, starting from casual to formal wear. The Akoya pearl set is so versatile that it can be styled while running errands and achieve a classic appearance effortlessly. 

Pearl Choker – One of the most eye-catchy Akoya pearl jewellery is the pearl choker. This is an excellent jewellery piece that can add a bit of drama to any appearance as well as create a statement look. Chokers can best be paired for formal gatherings and evening parties. It perfectly complements an open-neckline dress, adding a confident look. 

Coloured Pearl Necklace – Those who desire a unique twist to the classic pearl have the option to check out the blue Akoya pearl necklace. This gives a stylish and luxurious appearance paving the way for endless options to fashion with pearl jewellery. Golden pearl necklaces are just apt to give a glamorous appeal and are perfect for formal occasions. 

Buying Akoya cultured pearl necklace can be an exciting experience which can also be rewarding if you have a proper understanding and enough knowledge about this pearl necklace. Darpan Mangatrai Akoya Pearls are authentic to shop for pearl necklaces adding elegance and sophistication to any outfit and personality. 



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