Whether you are a frequent jet-setter or find yourself regularly needing to refresh your appearance in unusual places, an on-the-go beauty routine can be your savior. In most cases, it is much more peaceful and enjoyable to sit down and take your time over your beauty routine. Applying makeup and styling your hair probably require your full attention and patience when you have time to do it properly, which is why your on-the-go beauty routine should be focused on recreating your look with minimal effort. Here are five ways you can make it easier to feel fantastic in a hurry.

Travel-Sized Items

If your usual collection of devices, products, and tools doesn’t fit into your travel bag, you may think that it is impossible to have an effective beauty routine for busy days. Fortunately, many companies now offer miniature versions of their products so that they can be stored easily in smaller pieces of luggage or a handbag. You don’t need to feel weighed down by your full-sized products, even if the company doesn’t have miniatures. Simply look for empty vessels such as tubes, bottles, or boxes that you can transfer small amounts of product into before packing up and heading out.

Personal Basics

For traveling away from home, you still want to feel your best even when you don’t have every beauty item to hand. This is why it is helpful to pack your most-used items to give you a chance to feel more like yourself no matter where you are. For example, if you can’t live without your kojic acid brightening soap, then make sure to bring some along the next time you travel. Pick out the products you use the most and perhaps even purchase duplicates so you can keep one at home and the other in your luggage. That way, you will never be stuck without your beauty essentials.

Neat Arrangement

Simply throwing your beauty products into a bag and setting off is a surefire way to increase chaos and stress when you come to start your routine. Make use of compartments and separate pouches to divide your products into specific categories, such as skincare, makeup, hair, or hygiene. This will help you locate the correct items as and when you need them. Invest in a neatly arranged travel case for your beauty products that you can easily stash in your luggage wherever you go.

Rehearsed Steps

It might seem like overkill, but giving yourself a chance to practice performing your beauty routine in a rush can help you to identify exactly what you can and can’t travel without. What do you skip over and what do you rely on? Rehearse a pared-back version to avoid packing too much and weighing yourself down.

A Backup Plan

If all else fails, a backup plan can save the day. If you are someone who can’t feel confident on a bad hair day, always have a hairbrush or comb to hand. If you are insecure about your under-eye area, keep sunglasses in your bag. These simple tricks can help you feel put together even when you’re rushing around.



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