The term glass skin is used to describe an exceptionally smooth and translucent skin surface. A face that is lustrous and flawless, which you can compare to glass. It is just an elegant way of describing a specific sought-after complexion. Glass skin’s main goal is getting moisturized yet having a firm skin. The look gives off a very youthful, almost transparent, and intensely-glowing-within appearance.

Perfect glass skin takes a lot of time so you can temporarily accomplish that look with cosmetics. You can also achieve that kind of skin with the Son & Park makeup line. The company aims to create a more natural every day and rosy look. You can buy their products on this website while you’re waiting for the effects of your glass skin routine.

The Glass Skin Routine

Achieving this excellent complexion requires a consistent skincare regimen. The glass skin look involves a lot of time and effort to create a moist and lustrous appearance that can reflect and catch the light as you move. The skin must be firm and look plump. You can do the glass skin routine every night before bedtime.

Here’s a step-by-step skincare guide on achieving a clear and glowing glass skin:

Step 1: Double cleanse

Double cleansing is the first and most necessary step before you do anything else. You should do it especially at night time when your skin has accumulated all that grease, dirt, and makeup residue throughout the day. For your first cleanse, start with a makeup remover or cleansing oil and follow it up with a gentle cream cleanser or foam wash. You need to have a clean canvas to let your skin effectively absorb the succeeding products.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Next, exfoliate your face to slough away the dead skin cells found on your skin. This method will prevent dullness on your skin and unclog the pores. You can use a physical exfoliator like jojoba beads or crushed walnuts. You can also opt for a chemical type exfoliator like lactic acid or glycolic. Whatever you choose to apply on your face, you shouldn’t overdo it because it will irritate your skin. If you’re aiming for glass skin, make sure you exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

Step 3: Tone

Toners are applied to restore the pH levels of your skin and provide base hydration that will allow the skin’s absorption a lot better. Korean toners have nourishing ingredients like floral water, green tea, ginseng, and galactomyces. Before Kbeauty introduced moisturizing and refreshing toners, people ignored toners due to their drying effects.

Step 4: Add essence

Essences are slightly thicker than toners. They are usually watery in consistency and can be more lightweight than serums. Essences are formulated to target your skin’s concerns like redness and pigmentation but with additional effect by delivering hydration and extreme moisture.

Step 5: Treat with an ampoule or serum

Ampoules contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that can multitask and target several skin problems. The concentrated actives can help nourish your skin, promote collagen, and reverse the signs of aging to provide firmness. The ampoule will also help even out skin tone and minimize pores.

Step 6: Eye cream

The beauty of Korean skincare, exemplified by brands like Laneige Korean skincare, is prioritizing prevention over cure. They start preventing eye wrinkles from showing and eye bags from forming through eye creams. Gently add an eye cream to nourish the eye area. The skin around the eyes can be sensitive, so don’t use eye creams that are too harsh on your skin.

Step 7: Face Mask

Use a face mask before you sleep to lock in all the nourishing products you recently applied on your face. There are tons of face masks to choose from, so go for a sheet that targets a specific skin issue you want to address. If you have dry and dull skin, go for a hydrating mask.

Step 8: Moisturize

Moisturizing is one of the basics of skincare routine. If you want a radiant look, go for lightweight moisturizers. You can apply some moisturizers under your makeup. After this, you can add a sleeping cream or a night cream.


The glass skin texture is a coveted Korean style that is the envy of countries from all over the world. Do this glass skin routine every night to ensure that your skin is glowing and radiant. The therapeutic properties of a good night’s sleep should be able to help your skin achieve the glass effect after weeks of consistent routine.



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